Teaching My Girl To Love Her Hair

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It’s all too common in today’s society to not love things about yourself. Even, I, admit to having had days where I am not my biggest fan and will find myself pointing out my flaws, but I try to turn that around the moment I start to do it and find something positive instead. It’s even harder for girls growing up in the world today. When you see models who look like they woke up with that perfect sleek and shiny hair, it’s so easy to compare yourself. That’s not what I want for my daughter. I have always taught her that she is beautiful from hair to toe! Somedays I find her questioning the hair that she was blessed with and in those moments I make sure she sees the beauty that I see!

Because hair is something that should boost her confidence not give her anxiety, I love that Dove Hair is committed to broadening the definition of what is beautiful when it comes to hair. There is not one style and/or color that should be considered beautiful, our daughters should love their hair no matter what!

As her mother, it’s important that I instill confidence in her and that starts with me being a positive role model. So, rather than pointing out what I may not like about my hair, I decided awhile ago to show what I love. My natural wave, the fun I have with it when I color it purple or red, enjoying it when it’s blonde or black. I want my daughter to see me loving my hair, because while I tell her to love hers, it starts with what she sees me doing! Because 8 out of 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way it can get harder to be confident, that’s why it has to start when they are itty bitty.

We have to teach our daughters to love their hair and themselves, and it starts by how they see us enjoying ourselves. Take time today to compliment yourself in front of your daughter (after all, 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from us moms), compliment her, and watch as she grabs hold of the confidence she deserves to have. It’s important to #LoveYourHair, so take time today to tell her why you love her hair and inspire her to do the same. To do that in a fun way create a custom #LoveYourHair animated message. It will bring a smile to both you and her!

So, go ahead and brag in the comments. Tell me what you love about you and your daughter’s hair!

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