Why Home Insurance Should Not Be Neglected

Home insurance is something that we all should have.  It's kind of like a safety net for the just in case.  You may never have to use it but if you do you will be glad it's there. Tough times Seemingly week on week, the newspapers are filled with more bad news about the cost of living increasing at an alarming rate, while in real terms people's wages and investments are failing to meet the Read More »»

Being Prepared For The What If’s.

This is our very first home. We had been married for almost 8 years when we became first time home owners. With that came a whole new set of responsibilities and preparations for the "what if's". Being a first time home buy we did not want to leave any stone unturned and wanted to make sure we were covered in case something happened. Living in Florida there is always the worry of seeing something Read More »»