SplashID Review: Keep Your Passwords Handy and Safe


Passwords, they are a necessity and yet a pain. If you are like me you have about a gazillion passwords. Everything from my blog to my bank account and shopping sites to entertainment websites, they all have passwords. Unless you keep the same password for every single site, which is putting it bluntly, not smart, you need a way to keep track of them all.  You could use a paper and pen, but that’s not exactly safe either. This is why I love SplashID!


SplashID is perfect for those of us who have buckoos of passwords, but what is different about this app is how easy you can get to it no matter where you are.  If you don’t have your phone handy you can get to your passwords simply by logging in online!


Not only is it great for password storage, but for uploading documents, photos, keeping addresses, and much more.


One of the features I love about SplashID is that when you are inputting your password, it will point out how weak or strong it is!  So, getting the strongest password is just a few seconds away!


Having the new iPhone 6 plus, I get the option of using touch ID to get into my account! So, it will be programmed to my fingerprint, keeping it even more secure!


To have a backup, you can even share your passwords with someone you trust.  That person, for me, would be my husband so if something were to ever happen to me, he could get in and take care of whatever he needed to!  With the ability to store receipts, I can have all my tax needs right in one place!  How handy will that be!

Here is a video to show you how SplashID works:

You can download the free app on iTunes, Google Play, and Windows.


Or go pro!!! To use the multiple devices, automated backups and additional services you can upgrade to SplashID Pro for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.  To save a little money be sure to refer a friend and you both receive a 25% discount on the pro subscription!

Other features SplashID 8 offers:

• Access:  Only SplashID provides free, native, secure apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web, plus a browser plugin for Chrome. Version 8 updates for SplashID’s native apps on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, other browsers, and USB drives are coming soon.
• Choice of sync and storage: You decide how to store and sync your records with convenient cloud sync, local network Wi-Fi sync, or on-device storage.
• Customizable record types and categories keep your information organized.
• Photo capture feature quickly and easily stores credit card information using your phone’s camera (iOS and Android).
• File attachments: Upload photos, documents, and add notes to any record for reference.
• Protection features include 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication.
• Secure sharing: Safely share records with other SplashID users or even those who don’t use SplashID
• Automatic SplashID Backup service to ensure your data never gets lost.
• Security dashboard provides usage statistics and tools to monitor and fix weak, reused, and old passwords.
• Web autofill saves typing in usernames, passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers and delivers the correct address from your secure data vault every time to prevent phishing.

Keep up with all the news and happenings on their Website and on Twitter!

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