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ProfilePro Hair care

Sometimes finding that perfect shampoo and conditioner can be tricky. They have all different kinds out there for multiple hair types, but what if multiple products describe your hair. Fret no more! Thanks to ProfilePro Hair Care, you can get hair care that is customized just for your hair!

I have hair that is colored, naturally wavy, thin strands, but a lot of them so it’s thick and tend to have a dry scalp. I could literally buy 5 different shampoos and conditioners to fit all the needs of my hair. With ProfilePro hair care, I can now have all my hair care needs met with just two bottles (one shampoo and one conditioner).

Customized Hair Care

I customized it with my hair type, texture, behavior, scalp condition PLUS get to pick the scent I want for a truly customized hair care experience. So, how exactly does ProfilePRO work? You simply answer questions about your hair, select your scent, then personalize the bottle with your name. That way if everyone in the house orders, you know which bottle belongs to what person! Pick the trail size or full-size option and voila, you are on your way to customized hair care.

Pricing is as follows for ProfilePRO Hair Care:

TRAIL SIZE (50ml, 1.7 oz. bottles)
$15 – Personal Shampoo AND Conditioner Set

FULL SIZE (300ml, 10.1 oz. bottles)
$49 – Personal Shampoo AND Conditioner Set
$38 – Personal Shampoo AND Conditioner Set on Auto Delivery Plan*
$29 – Personal Shampoo OR Conditioner
$24 – Personal Shampoo OR Conditioner on Auto Delivery Plan*
*With Auto-Delivery, you set the delivery schedule, and you can cancel at any time.

Wavy Hair

I have been using ProfilePRO for a few weeks now and have loved the difference it has made in the way my hair feels when I let it do its naturally wavy thing! I’ve noticed it in better condition and my waves (in my opinion) are looking great. Seeing that I rarely let it go natural, that says a lot!

You aren’t the same as anyone out there and neither is your hair. Why use the same haircare as everyone else, when you can have a customized experience? Give ProfilePro Hair care a try, what do you have to lose? If it works for you as good as it did for me, you win, right? ProfilePro is made just for me….and you!

Profile Pro Hair

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