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Breakfast can be a little boring, come on you know it’s true. You just sit and eat, then rush off to get your day started. What if I told you, now your kids can enjoy breakfast and have a little fun while they eat! Thanks to the new Star Wars Cereal, breakfast just got a little more interactive!

Yoda Box Star WArs Cereal

I don’t know about your home, but we have some major Star Wars fans in my home. The day our Star Wars cereal my son’s eyes lit up and he wanted to dig in. Even better, was we noticed the fun wasn’t limited to what we would put in out bellies, but we could actually play with our food. Thanks to the fun games on the back of the boxes, our breakfast is a little more interactive!

Games on cereal boxes

The Yoda Package has a quiz on the back of the package for fans to test their Star Wars knowledge. The Darth Vader Package has a board game, that can be played two different ways, on the back of the package. Star Wars fans are going to think these games are saberiffic! Of course, fun and games aside, there is even more of The Force to enjoy with the Star Wars Cereal!

As you can see above, The Star Wars cereal comes in 2 different boxes, for now, one with Darth Vader and the other with Yoda! And while there is only one fruity cereal to enjoy, each box has fun Star Wars corn and marshmallow shapes.

Marshmallows “Marbits” are in 6 fun shapes
• Yoda (green)
• R2-D2 (blue and white)
• Jedi Fighter (pink/red)
• Stormtrooper (white)
• Lightsaber (blue)
• Lightsaber (red)

Corn pieces are in 3 fun shapes
• TIE Fighter
• X-Wing Starfighter
• Millenium Falcon

Cereal For Kids

Don’t wait, hurry and buy these collectible boxes as soon as you see them, or the world will end as we know it. Okay, not really, but these boxes will only be available for just a few short months! Between June 2015 and June 2016, you will be able to collect 6 limited edition boxes featuring different characters. Each time 2 boxes come out they will feature both a dark and light side. Be sure to download your $1 OFF coupon, while supplies last, and save on when you buy Star Wars cereal!

Just a little idea, if you buy all six, you can cut the front of the boxes off and frame them. It would be a great decor idea for the Star Wars themed room! Which of the two boxes do you want the most?

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