Lynn Haven, FL Residents Do You Want To Save Money at The Pump?

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Hey y’all (yes I am from the South).  Toni here, and I want  to tell you what I love about Murphy USA and why it would be a great addition to Lynn Haven, Florida.

Many people wonder why I am such a huge advocate for Murphy USA.  It’s because along with the savings they have brought to my family, they make gas fun.  As a person who is connected through her iPhone I am always checking into this place and that. Luckily for me that has paid off.

Whrrl and Murphy USA have a great thing going with a check in to win.  Whenever there is a promotion going on you have a chance to win whatever that current promotion is.  I have won free gas (that always comes right after a fill up so I am able to pay it forward to someone else), vVtamin Water, Red Strike and 5.00 concession cash.  So get to whrrling on your phone and see what fun it will bring you.

Fun is not the only reason I love Murphy USA, as I have said they are definitely helping me to save.  Every time I have gone to fill up, look around as I might, Murphy USA has been the cheapest in my area at that moment.  They are helping me to save, save, save and trust me as a family of five we need all the extra cents we can save.  *Ahem, Christmas is right around the corner*

I have also had the extreme pleasure of visiting their home base in El Dorado, Arkansas and meeting the faces at the top.  I have seen what wonderful and humble people they are first hand.  A little Murphy USA trivia for you, did you know that they started and continue the El Dorado Promise.  What is that you ask?  Simply put it’s helping teens that finish high school in El Dorado make it to and through college.

The El Dorado Promise is Murphy USA’s way of helping kids who graduate, have a chance to go to college.The El Dorado Promise is a scholarship program established and funded by Murphy Oil Corporation.  The Promise provides graduates of El Dorado High School with a scholarship covering tuition and mandatory fees that can by used at any accredited two or four year, public or private educational institution in the U.S.  The maximum amount payable is up to the highest annual tuition at an Arkansas public university.

Depending on how long you have attending El Dorado schools a child’s college can be up to 100% paid for.  Now that is definitely what I call giving back.  Not only that but having attended the annual DM manager’s meeting I know that Murphy USA treats their employees better than my past employers treated me.  It’s such a fun company from the inside out.

I would love to see Lynn Haven, Florida have the privilege of having such an amazing company in their town.  With great deals such as the 2 for $2.22 Coke’s or savings on your gas, along with the smiling employees Murphy USA is a company that would make a great addition to the town of Lynn Haven, Florida.  I know it has here in my town of Navarre, Florida.

So if you are a resident and would love to see a Murphy USA in your town head over and add your name to the petition:

*I am working on a contractual level with and being paid by Murphy USA and have been a group leader in their online group.  Being compensated does not and will not influence my views and they will always be that of my own and honest. *

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