Hallmark Wants You To Put Your Heart To Paper This Mother’s Day

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While this is a sponsored post, with Hallmark, all opinions are my own

My mom is definitely my inspiration. For most of my life, she was a single mom to me, but she always took care of me and made sure I could follow my dreams. I often wonder how many of hers she put on hold for me, now that I am a mother, because I do that even being in a two parent household. I can only imagine how much she sacrificed to give me an amazing life. Through life she has taught me what it means to be strong and to have faith even when faith may be the hardest thing to have. I’m so grateful God chose her to be my mom!

A few others who have been of influence to me are my grandmother. Both of them have been great influences in my life. They took time with me as I was growing up. One grandmother is Italian and I have a very strong sense of my Italian culture thanks to her influence. They both instilled in me a love for older music. My other grandmother really helped me to not take for granted living where we do. She always taught me that so many people vacation here, but we get to live here and it’s easy to take for granted, so we need to appreciate it each day.

Then there is my aunt KK. She is one of the strongest people I know, she has battled cancer for years but she is always putting her family first. She is a true inspiration of love and strength. Finally, my Aunt Robin. She kept me by her side when my mom worked while I was growing up. She taught me you have to make sure to do something fun every day, something that will make you laugh and enjoy life! All 5 women have been such amazing influences in my life and I thank God they are my family!

I’m not the only one who has mad love for their mom, Hallmark has put together a #PutYourHeartToPaper playlist on their youtube channel with some grown up kids, who are sharing why they love their moms!  Check out this sweet video:

This Mother’s Day, I am celebrating my mom for so many reasons:

  • For being an amazing mom to me
  • For being a fighter and survivor
  • For teaching me so many important life lessons
  • For loving me through mistakes I’ve made
  • For always supporting my dreams
  • For being an amazing grandmother to my kids
  • For being so giving of her time
  • For always wanting to help others
  • The list could go on and on for miles with reasons to celebrate her because she is not only an amazing mom but an amazing person!

Mother's Day Cards

I am going to be putting my heart to paper with some sweet and even some silly cards from Hallmark! I love cards that bring a smile to people’s faces with just the right amount of sappiness and Hallmark knows just how to do that. Check out the cards I will be picking from, to give to her this Mother’s Day! I, of course, can’t say which one because she reads my blog, but they are such fun cards I just had to share!

Hallmark Cards

~ The top left card says “You are Loved and Admired” then on the inside it says “Celebrating You Today”
~ The super cool superhero card says “Thank you for always using your power for good” on the inside
~ The bottom left says “For you, no ordinary day will do” on the outside, and inside it says “For all the love and joy you bring to everyone around you all year long, you deserve a one-of-a-kind, beautiful day.
~ The fun card on the bottom right says “The best moms get promoted to grandmas” outside, then inside “To the best mom and grandma a family could ever have, we love you. Happy Mother’s Day”

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, show the women who have inspired you as their daughter/granddaughter or someone who was like a mom to you, by purchasing Hallmark cards and put your heart to paper! Don’t forget to connect with Hallmark on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter this Mother’s Day!

Share with me: Tell me some of the best things about your mom or the mother figure in your life!

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