Getting Around A New Town

It’s an easy thing to figure out how you are going to better your home, but what about making life a little easier outside of the home. That can be especially tricky if when  you’re new in town.  Do you know how to find the services you need when you need them?

I’m Outside but my Keys are Inside
Let’s say you just moved to Delaware. You’re running late for a job interview and you run out of your house, pull the door shut behind you.  At that moment, you realize that you’ve left your briefcase and keys sitting on your kitchen counter.  If you are like me you have your phone in hand, which means you are able to track down the number of a Dover locksmith using something like TheLocalBook.  I can’t tell you how many times local directories and phone books have been a help when I am in a new place.

Date Night
You and your family just moved to New York and you’re trying to have a date night with your spouse. The city is a fantastic place to live but you haven’t had time to make friends yet—at least, not friends you’d trust for a baby-sitting reference and you don’t want to just pick someone off of Craigslist.  Enter and These are national services for both babysitters who are looking for jobs and people who are in need of babysitting services. They are both free to join and can help you find (and check out) local child care even at the last minute.

Getting Hurt or Sick
You had a checkup right before you moved so you haven’t felt the need to find a new doctor or dentist yet and you don’t want to simply run to the emergency room—that would cost thousands of dollars! Call your insurance provider and find out which doctors and dentists are “in network” in your area. If you are in between jobs, Google the nearest local free clinic. Free clinics are great places to go for small health issues. If it is a dental problem, find a local emergency dentist. These guys cost a little more, but they’re set up to take walk-in patients while most neighborhood dentists usually require a referral or a new patient exam before they’ll take emergencies.

You Broke Something
Is it something you can fix yourself?  If you aren’t sure whether or not you trust your skills, Angie’s List is your new best friend. You can use Angie’s List to find out what people in your area thought of local service providers. Think of it as a giant independent referral service. It does cost money to join but that means it is less likely to have “sour grapes” reviews from one person posted under multiple user names (like you’d find on Yelp or Google).

These are just a few tips to help you when you are getting settled in a new town.  What are some tips you might have for situations like these or getting around a new town?

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