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We are HUGE NCAA fans. There is rarely a Saturday from September through January you won’t see my family gathered to watch our favorite (or not so favorite teams). In fact, one of the nights that I still remember every detail of was when my husband and I took our boys to their first NCAA football game! It was truly a night to remember, we were all smiles!

Me and Brent

Of course we had to get all our gear on to cheer on our team that day and still do for the games we watch from home. But before he gets his team gear on, I want to make sure he will be the MVP of the day with these NCAA official products found at Walmart!


Because I want him to look and smell his best I stock up on official products of the NCAA. After all, if they are good enough for Demarco Murray, they are good enough for my man! So for him to be game day ready we stocked up on:

Men Personal Care Products

AXE® Apollo Shower Gel
A refreshing clean, masculine scent that combines sage, crisp mandarin and smooth sandalwood to make every guy smell like an all-star. *He loves the smell, in fact, I might love it even more, it’s a sexy smell to me. The first step, to being game day ready is to have him smell fresh and clean.*

Vaseline® Fast Absorbing Spray Lotion:
Fast absorbing and non-greasy formula dispenses evenly with one all-over spray and is great for hard to reach areas. Absorbs in seconds and moisturizes deeply to heal dry skin. *Men deserve to have soft skin too. Who wants to be holding a hand or rubbing an arm that feels like sandpaper. Helps my man keep his skin smooth, for more hand holding time*

Dove® Men+Care Fortifying Styling Gel
An easy addition to every man’s daily routine. Create a bold, defined style with strong hold and a smooth finish that won’t leave hair looking greasy, thin or flat. *Like us women, men don’t want their hair to fall flat or lose the style before the days end. So my husband likes a good gel to keep his locks looking great from sun up to sun down.*

Degree® Adventure Dry Spray:
The new way to get superior protection that goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. The superior 48-hour MOTIONSENSE formula endures any adventure with a rugged, woodsy fragrance that blends clean citrus with long-lasting notes of wood and musk. *No one wants to ruin their game day shirts with white pit stains, but deodorant is a must. He loves the dry spray from Degree. Keeps sweat at bay, so he stays smelling fresh and no more ruined shirts*

NCAA products

He can feel like the MVP on or off the field thanks to these official NCAA products available at Walmart. He can prepare be prepared for life’s toughest plays with a winning grooming regimen from Unilever. Cleanse, hydrate, protect and style with the official products of the NCAA® available at Walmart.

Find out how to perfect your pregame and see how NCAA star running back DeMarco Murray stays at the top of his game by visiting the Walmart NCAA Site. Then create your custom jersey that you can share with your friends with the hashtag #getgameready. Check out the jersey we made:

Custom Jersey

Get your man game day ready and check out the NCAA Men’s products that will have him feeling like a winner before the game even starts!

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