4 Reasons Why Fuller House Is Perfect For The Entire Family

Fuller House

We binge watched Fuller House when it hit Netflix over this past weekend. And I have to say I was very impressed with the follow-up to the much loved Full House. The original was one of my favorite shows growing up, okay it still is one of my favorite shows.

I think this is a great show for families because, like the original, it addresses so many issues that resonate with kids and adults alike.

Four Reasons Why Fuller House is Perfect For A Family Night In

1) You will laugh…A LOT! There is not one episode that I wasn’t cracking up. And let’s face it, we could all use some moments that make us laugh. It’s good for the soul. There are some adult innuendos but nothing too inappropriate for my youngest who is 1o.

2) There will be life lessons. There are life lessons for both kids and adults alike in Fuller house. As with the original, each show has a lesson that we could all learn from. Whether it’s dating, standing up for friends, or remembering to disconnect from technology and have person to person fun! Get that silly string and slime ready!

Fuller House

3) The original cast is back. Not for every episode, but the ones we love are back throughout the season. You will get to see Danny, Joey, Jessie, and the twins…okay everyone except The Olsens are back. This is reason enough, alone, to watch the show!

Fuller House

4) It’s like Full House but reversed. I love that they kept with theme of the original show, where it was a widow, 3 kids, the sibling and the best friend. The first time around it was the guys, so I loved that it is completely opposite in Fuller House.

Fuller House

I could go on and on about how much we loved the show, and the exciting news is they have already announced a season 2. So, it obviously was a hit with so many others in the world. You will hear that Fuller House not family-friendly and I have to respectfully disagree. Yes, there are some adult jokes thrown in but nothing over-the-top!

All-in-all I have to say I think Fuller House is great for a weekend in with the family! So, if you haven’t watched it yet be sure to watch it soon. I would love to know what you thought of the show once you have watched the entire season!


**As part of the Netflix Stream team I received one year worth of service and a Smart TV for my 2015 term. While I love that they gave me those goodies, all the thoughts and opinions are my honest views*

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