For My Momma, My Hero

I just was listening to this song and I wanted to say I love you to my mom and let her know I know all she has done for me and there were so many times in my life she stood in the shadow so I could shine. And she really is everything I wish I could be, she helped me soar and for that I will love her for always.

For 15 years she took me to dance, when i got in a car wreck in high school she took care of me, always sacrificing herself for me and what i wanted. To this day she is still the same with my siblings. I have never known a more loving, caring woman. i only hope all you out there as at least 1/2 as lucky as I am and remember to tell your mom just how thankful you are for her. I know I don’t say it enough but I hope she always knows that I am so grateful for her and love her for all she is and does. I love you mom!

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