Exclusive Interview With Ant-Man’s Peyton Reed & Kevin Feige

Peyton & Kevin  Interview

It’s not everyday one has the chance to pick the brains of the likes of Ant-Man Director, Peyton Reed along with Producer PLUS President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige! Wait…what? I may have fainted for a moment. I mean getting to sit with the two people who played a heavy hand in bringing Marvel’s Ant-Man to life is awesome. When one of those people is the one who gives the thumbs up to which Marvel movie will happen is a bit too much for this Fangirl!

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Peyton Reed on working on a humorous Marvel film

Ant-Man is one of the more humorous superheroes in Marvel films, which I am sure you all now already since you went and saw it over the weekend. That trait in the character is exactly what appealed to Peyton Reed. “I wanted to make it sort of a tight, fun movie that hopefully is a movie going experience that makes you feel good. And in particular, when you have Paul Rudd at the center of it, you know, it’s gonna be funny.” With it being a bit on the smaller fan base scale, before opening weekend of course, Peyton Reed really loved that it revolved around family. “Scott Lang, his one goal in the movie, when he gets out of prison is to “become a part of his daughter’s life. That’s all he wants. It’s a really strong and relatable personal goal.” says Reed, so that is something else that really made him want to be a part of this film.

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On Branching Out From His Usual Type of Movie

This isn’t the typo of movie you usually see Peyton Reed behind, but it’s actually the kind he’s wanted to do for a long time. In fact, according to Reed, there are about 1600 visual effects in the movie, so it’s definitely a big deal in that regard. Of course, that’s what Marvel does extremely well. Because this is the “shrinking movie” of 2015, producer Peyton Reed spent quite sometime with Jake Morrison (Visual Effects Supervisor), making it look as photorealistic as possible. They really wanted to shrink the audience down with him, so the audience could see from the ant perspective (and they did a great job of doing that)

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Kevin Feige on Bringing In the Female Audience

I’ll personally admit, I don’t read comics regularly and it took me quite some time to watch my first Marvel movie, but when I did I was hooked. So, Marvel definitely does a great job at not just aiming it toward the typical comic book guy, but making sure there are elements women will get excited over (even those who aren’t into comic books). In fact, according to Kevin, the movies are regularly getting rated higher in the audience than the men!

Kevin has this to say when people tell him women don’t usually like this kind of movie, “Well, that’s not true.” Women are a huge portion of the fan base now. According to Kevien Feige “We love to add in powerful women, because we all have powerful women in our lives. That’s the way of the world.

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Peyton Red On His Favorite Ant

“I‘m a big Bullet Ant fan. I love them just because they look amazing. They’re these sort of armored tanks and there’s something prehistoric looking about them. Then there’s real documentaries. I mean, if you go on YouTube there’s an Australian guy who does these travel shows and is like, “I’ve heard so much about how painful the sting can be. I’m going to be bit by one of these things.” And he puts his hand, they have a ceremony where there’s a glove and there are bullet ants in it and you have to put your hand in it and it’s this rite of passage. It goes wrong, it’s instantly painful and the pain lasts for hours and he’s shivering and sweating and they have to give him adrenaline. That was what appealed to me.”

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Getting to chat with Peyton Reed and Kevin Feige about Ant-Man was truly a memory I’ll hold onto forever! Not only is it pretty epic to get to pick the brains behind such a great movie but being a HUGE Marvel fan, it’s such an honor! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Ant-Man, in theaters now!

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