Get Your Teen Into Reading This Summer With The Sci-Fi Classic, Battlefield Earth

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Battleship Earth

I love a good fiction book, and sci-fi books have always been on the funny side for me. If fact I think sci-fi books are an excellent way to keep kids reading this summer. Because children are fascinated by space travel and the probability that intelligent life exists beyond our solar system, sci-fi fiction is an excellent way to get them to want to read.  Feeding their natural interest and curiosity with a modern classic novel is a great way to get, or keep, your teens interested in reading.

The re-launch of Battlefield Earth is just such an opportunity. It’s a great mix of an exciting fictional story with actual historical events:

Factual History:

  • In 1977, NASA launched the space probe, Voyager. One of its missions was to answer the question is there intelligent life beyond our planet.  Residing on the Voyager was golden disc containing voices, music, images of plants and animals on Earth—it also contained an interstellar map to Earth.
  • Since at least 2010, Stephen Hawking, famed physicist, has spoken publicly about his fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants.
  • In 2012, Voyager 1 hit deep space.

Battlefield Earth:

  • In his international bestselling novelBattlefield Earth, author L. Ron Hubbard outlines the scenario of getting an answer from outer space, where the Voyager was picked up by an alien probe which resulted in Man becoming an endangered species. Battlefield Earth was reissued with expanded author notes by Galaxy Press on June 14, 2016, along with CD Audio Set.
  • You can have fun discussions with your kids about Science Fiction, and encourage them to write themselves, as some of their ideas may someday become reality, like automatic doors conceived by H.G. Wells, voice controlled computers designed by Arthur C. Clarke, submarines conceived by Jules Verne, handheld devices to read books conceived by L. Ron Hubbard!

Check out this cool trailer for the Battlefield Earth relaunch…

The Facebook page for Battlefield Earth has a lot of up-to-date information, photos and videos as well (Click Here to visit the Battlefield Earth Facebook page.) AND…if you haven’t read Battlefield Earth, you can purchase the book or audiobook on Amazon (Click Here to purchase Battlefield Earth.)

Battlefield Earth 3

So, have you ever read Battlefield Earth or any other sci-fi fiction books? I would love to hear what you think of them!

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