Avoid The Oops This Summer and Stock Up At Walmart

Stock up for summer

This is a sponsored post with SheSpeaks/Walmart. All thoughts on products featured and views on smelly shoes are my own!

Summer is in full swing, which means a lot of getting together with friends and family and entertaining in our home. There are enough “oops” in my life without needing to cause them because I forgot to stock up on much-needed items to keep my house in tip-top shape for family and friends this summer. Because we are busy making memories, I want to spend as little of my time as possible in the stores shopping. So, I love to be able to shop online at and either have it delivered to my door or take advantage of their in-store pickup on my way home from our beach days.

What are some of our past Oops?

Oops Dirty House

Oops, we ran out of detergent. Which, in summer, is a travesty. Not only do I want to keep our clothes washed, so they don’t pile up, but keeping linens and towels clean for beach days and guests are a must. Oops, no more toilet paper. I can’t tell you how many times there has been a “MOM; I need some toilet paper” issue. Oops, dirty dishes. When we have our get-togethers, the dishes pile up super fast! If I don’t have any dish detergent, it’s going to hurt us come next meal time. Oops, what’s that smell? I have active kids. With boys who play soccer and a daughter who cheers, and with all 3 of them sweating enough to fill a water reserve, it means we get some gnarly smelling shoes. It’s not fun to have guests walk in and crinkle their noses to the smells we may have become nose blind to!

That’s why I love being able to shop at and pick up all the items I need to avoid the oops in the future.

Shopping at walmart online

I love that I can keep my house smelling fresh with Febreze Air Effects in Gain Scent. Not only does it keep my kid’s shoes smelling fresh, but the dog smell from our two fur babies is no more! The Cascade Platinum keeps our dishes clean (without prewashing). Tide in Clean Breeze scent keeps our clothes and linens smelling fresh and of course, Charmin keeps us from those “something is missing in the bathroom” yells

Keep Your House Clean

Families need so many things, through the summer and the rest of the year, and it’s no fun to run out of what we need. It’s even less fun to have to take time away from making memories to have to run to the store, pick up the items, check out, then go back home. That’s why I love being able to Avoid the Oops and stock up on Then have the items shipped directly to my home (shipping is free on orders over $50) or I can even pick them up if I am already out. No lines, no waiting, that’s more time I get to spend making fun summer memories!

Are you ready to make sure you Avoid the Oops this summer? Then head to to order those items you don’t want to run out of! Keep up with how you can #AvoidTheOops online

Have you ever had an oops moment?

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