What’s In Your Sports Bag? Our Spring Sport Must Haves!

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Sports Bag Must Haves

Spring is in the air, here in Florida. In fact, today I am wearing flip-flops and shorts thanks to the nice warm from that made its appearance. One thing we look forward to is our spring sports. With two boys in soccer and my girl gearing up for cheer, as well as myself being a coach we start in February and go through November. So, we have to be prepared both their bags and my coach bag.

Kids in Sports

It’s non-stop for us with one in travel soccer, one in rec soccer and the littlest in tumbling leading into cheer. So, we stay busy during spring, which means I need to do what I can to make it easier on myself. One of the ways is knowing our sports bag essentials.  So, I am going to share just a few of the things that are must have items for your sports bag

Must Have Items for Your Sports Bag

Degree Dry Spray

The first must-have item is Degree Dry Spray and to me, is the most important! It will save a lot of smelly situations!  Both the men and women’s smelled great. My kids love that it goes on cool and dries instantly, leaving them smelling nice and feeling cleaner!


With 48 hours of wetness protection, they are ready to take on the sports they love. With a 4.5 star rating, Unilever dry sprays from Dove, Degree and AXE offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See how it works and what people are saying here.

spring sports supplies

The second item is extra gear. Shoes, for instance, we like to have one pair for practice and one pair for games. That way they don’t get worn out as fast and last longer, but if one does have a blow-out, you always have a backup! Also having extra shin guards, pom-poms, soccer balls, etc. can come in handy if another player forgot their items.

The third must have item is a first aid kit. While every precaution is taken to make sure the kids don’t hurt themselves in spring sports, it happens. The best way to prepare is to have a first aid kit in your sports bag. Our includes bandages, tape, cleanser, tummy meds, pain meds, ice pack and eye drops. Having a first aid kit helps to take care of minor issues when you are at a game or practice

The fourth item that we keep in our sports bag is sunscreen. Because our spring sports our outdoor sports, we have to keep our skin covered. The hot Florida sun does us no favors, and we definitely want to save our skin, it’s got to last our whole lives. Another one for us Floridians is bug spray; it’s big must have in our sports bag! The bugs get way too friendly, so we want to keep them away.

All those items get us through our practices and games. Once the practice and games are over and they are ready to change out of those sweaty clothes they can do it with confidence thanks to the Unilever dry sprays at Walmart. Be sure to add it to your sports bag today!

Dry Deodorant

What are some of your must-have items for your sports bag?

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