Yes, being a stay at home mom, I do have the right to complain about finances

Another never ending debatable topic is the “Should the stay at home parent have a right to complain about money?” My answer to that question is… “Yeah I have every right to complain!

Most people think the stay at home parents should not complain because “they can go to work” if they want more money. Well, I am here to say I think that is absolute crap. It annoys me to no end when I “choose not to work” that people think they have the right to judge me for saying anything about my finances.

Let me tell you why this won’t work for me, as well as, millions of other families out there. I have 3 children (and even when I had only one, 7.00 an hour will not pay the daycare bill- luckily I had my mom at that time which I dont’ now) and to put them in daycare and after-school care would take my whole entire paycheck, I would be lucky to bring home $100.00 after paying all the daycare and after-school care costs. So, in other words, I would be working to have someone else take care of my kids, now tell me how that makes sense?

Yes, I choose to stay at home and raise my children and we have to live off of one income. It believe it would be a disservice to my family to go to work. You will hear me complain about not having money to do this or that but behind the scene I am doing what is best for us and that is what matters.

Next time you hear a stay at home parent complain about finances don’t be a judgemental jerk person but sit back and think about the reasons why they may have to do that. I mean really would you want to work just to have someone take care of your child so you could bring home 50 or 100 dollars a month, that to me would be stupid.

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    HELLO! I’m so glad you posted this. I wanted to smack this broad in the forehead the other day just for general purposes, lol.

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    Hi! I am so with you on this one. Money is not everything. And just because you don’t earn an income doesn’t mean that it’s easy all the time. Sometimes the hard choice is the right choice. You have every right to complain. Life is hard.
    Having alittle money and being at home with your kids is better than making more money and having someone else raise your kids for you!

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    Thanks girls!

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