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Grumpy Toni

I remember the days of no sleep and when I was able to function without it. Of course that was many a years ago in my youth, now that I am more mature, but still just as fun, I am not able to survive on little sleep like I could back then? I have many reasons why I need a good night’s sleep…


My kids, they keep me busier than a bee during high pollen season! With each of them in different sports, practices on different nights, we are usually going 7 days a week. That doesn’t count all my blog work, the re-construction of our downstairs room thanks to a storm, being a good class mom, and the new task of cheer coach for my daughter this year. Needless to say, if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, things are going to go down hill and fast.

Daily Life

Because I love to make memories with my family and my furbabies, I have to be at 100% to keep up! Since the arrival of our Caymen Gel Nature’s Sleep mattress, my sleep has noticed a world of difference. I have always been an early to bed, early to rise person (as in 4 a.m.) which is still the same (my Italian great grandmother was exactly the same). However, on our old mattress, I tossed and turned all night long. Which meant I was not getting that deep sleep…and in turn I may or may not have found myself asleep in a few strange places!

Need A Good Nite's Sleep

Not only do I have a mattress I love, but also a Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow.  I’ll share more about that in coming posts but I think you can tell it’s pure heaven:

Nature's Sleep Pillow

Since our mattress and pillow, my sleep has been so much more sound. I don’t toss and turn, I sleep so soundly and my soul loves me for it! How would you like to enjoy a brand new Nature’s Sleep Mattress

May Contest

Nature’s Sleep has a photo contest going on right now. They want to know why you need a good nights sleep! Here’s the info on the contest (because you know you want to enter):

May is Photo Month and we want to encourage the use of digital cameras and photography. We are hosting the Nature’s Sleep Photo contest and our contestants will showcase why they really need a good night’s sleep. The contest doesn’t require the most skilled photographer, but rather creativity that showcases the unexpected. The more genuine the better! The contest will begin May 7th and run through June 15. More info can be found at

Be sure to check out this great deal Nature’s Sleep has going on:

Don’t forget to come chat with me at the Bi-Monthly Twitter Parties! They are every 1st and 3rd Tuesday on Twitter at 1PM EST #NaturesSleep. I’ll see you there and until then, go enter…you can’t win a new mattress if you don’t!

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    Those are a few strange places to fall asleep! It’s a hard job being Mom and I think you deserve a good night’s rest.

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    Thanks for the great post! Hopefully your Nature’s Sleep pillow helped you get the sleep that you deserved!

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