Why My Mother’s Day Was More Special Than Yours!

Because I had these 3 cute faces to spend it with.

Okay okay maybe it wasn’t any more special than yours in your opinion but I have to say even though my mothers day was very simple it was VERY special to me.  Why was my mother’s day so special you ask?  I shall share the reasons:

  • I have the best husband in the world, one who is loving and faithful and who cooked me an awesome pot of gumbo for lunch in bed (I get up earlier than everyone so that nixed the breakfast in bed)
  • I have 3 amazing kids who make hand made crafts that I will never throw away even if I have to build a new room onto my house to store them in.
  • I got to go use my Beall’s Bucks and get some comfy crocs and a shirt for less than 20.00 (wAHOO for bell’s bucks).
  • I got to dance at church and worship in such a sweet service.
  • I got to lay in bed all after noon and watch Laguna Beach Season 2 disc one without interruption.

But the main reason my mother’s day rocked it is because I got to be with my husband and kids.  My kids are my life and they are why I am a mother.  Do I always make the right decisions with them, or react in the perfect way.  No,  but even when I mess up or get upset they will turn right back around (after the moment of pouting of course) and tell me they love me and I am the best mommy in the world.

They make me jelly sandwiches to eat and ask if they can share one bite (which is key for I’ll eat it all and save you the one bite). They come up and rub my face while saying ” Mommy I love you”.  They are honest when something doesn’t look good on me, hey it’s a good trait to have, I would rather them be honest than me leave looking bad.  They love me at my worst and my best.  They write sweet mother’s day poems for me to keep forever.

My mother’s day was everything and more than I could ask for.  I didn’t get diamonds, cool electronics, home stuff  but I got the best gifts ever, a husband and kids who love me through all my faults and unconditionally.   What more could a mom ask for?

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Hi! I'm Toni. I am a happily married, christian, momma of 3 living on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast. I am a lifestyle blogger and Seint Arist. I started blogging when my last child was born as a way to share my love of all things travel, cooking, beauty, recipes, and more. Now pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea and let's get to know each other. I truly hope you enjoy getting A Daily Dose of Toni!