Whoever said you could not put a price on virginity obviously didn’t talk to this girl…

So I came across an article today about a 22 year old college student auctioning something that is priceless imo in hopes to get at least a million dollars. The article which was take from this page at Us Weekly

Going once….

A Sacramento State grad is putting her virginity on the auction block to help pay for her studies.

“I don’t think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems, but it will create some financial stability,” the 22-year-old (who uses the pseudonym “Natalie Dylan”) says on tonight’s The Insider. “I’m ready for the controversy … I’m ready to do this.”

Dylan says she’s already taken a polygraph test to prove her virginal status and is also willing to undergo a medical exam.

She says she hopes to net up to a million dollars from the auction, which will take place in Nevada at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch (eBay turned her down).

“Through this process I’m not just looking for the highest bidder,” she says, adding, “I’m looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person.”

Howard Stern has denied a report that he is affiliated with the auction.

Well, well why didn’t I think of selling my virginty…Oh yeah that’s right because that would make me a hooker. Well if she gets what she wants for it (a million bucks, I can’t wait to see the schmuck that pays this because you know there will be one).

So what do you think of this idea and be for real who is going to watch the auction if you can find it to see what the price goes up to??


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  1. 1

    That is just so strange and desperate.

  2. 2

    My my my. What will they think of next. I’d recently read a similiar article about someone selling their soul.

    I swear the history books of the next generation will be rather interesting reads. I’m ashamed to say I never really took to history, but this could be interesting.


  3. 3

    she is soooooo gonna regret that. even if she doesn’t go thru with it, it will not turn out well. suck it up and take out a damn student loan like everybody else, k?

  4. 4
    Chic Shopper Chick

    It wouldn’t have mattered even if I had wanted to do that (make no mistake though, I’m with you on fact that this has to be the most tastless and class-less idea I’ve ever heard) because someone in my family probably would have kidnapped me and hidden me away in a basement until I was 70.

    There. would. be. no. way.

  5. 5

    Did The Insider just do a story on prostitution? I mean that’s what it boils down to right?! She’s going to have sex for money? And what makes her so special?! What a commentary on society!

  6. 6

    That is just crazy. Does she not realize what this can do to her life now and later. What people will think. Like maybe her children someday or her husband in the future. Wow is all I can say.

  7. 7

    That’s pretty sick and perverted …

  8. 8

    This is such a shame. I can’t even begin to express everything that’s wrong with this. Where is her mother?