When Life (and College) Takes Over

College student

Hello, my name is Toni. You may remember me as the blogger who was here posting almost every day (sometimes multiple times a day), but you may have noticed I have seemed to have gone missing. I am still here, but not as much as I used to be. You see I started college this year, for the first time, and between classes, homework, parenting, cheer coaching, travel soccer, cheer meetings and more I am a bit frazzled when it comes to making time for much else besides my family.

Here’s what my current set schedule (not including any meetings thrown into the mix) looks like just so you know why you haven’t seen more postings from me:

  • Monday -Drop kids off at school, classes, pick kids up from school, cheer practice, homework
  • Tuesday- Classes, pick kids up from school, daughter’s tumbling class, homework
  • Wednesday- Drop kids off at school, classes, pick kids up from school, cheer practice, homework
  • Thursday- Classes, pick kids up from school, (possibly adding cheer practice on this day soon), homework.
  • Friday- Try to get housework done, do homework, pick kids up from school, football game
  • Saturday- Football game and/or travel soccer games (usually it’s both)
  • Sunday- Church and finish any homework not done.

My life has become a bit hectic; I don’t even know what a regular grocery shopping trip is like anymore. It has become more of a “let’s run in and grab a few things and get home and eat before practice” type of shopping experience. I don’t even know what it’s like to be caught up on laundry anymore.

Right now for my English Comp class, I am working on two papers, and for my Intro to Tech class, I am doing our big semester project of helping to create a newsletter. Thank goodness I have amazing teachers, I seriously love them all. While the college has added a whole new level of stress to my life, I am so glad I am doing it. I hope my kids are looking at me and saying “My mom is awesome, she is making her life better and ours too.”

So, you see, I’ve been just a bit busy, which is why you haven’t seen me as much here. But I’m still here, trucking along and I hope to bring you more blog fun soon, just as soon as I can find time to sit and be creative outside of the creativity I need for my class projects and homework.

Now it’s  your turn, let me know I’m not the only one with a lot on her plate, tell me what all you have going on so we can support one another! Until then I am off to class! P.S. I think I aced my first test (go me!)

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