When Did Real Housewives (O.C.) Turn Naughty Naughty???!!!

Okay I admit one of my very guilty pleasures is watching most of the Real Housewives shows (Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami).  I don’t really care for the New Jersey or Atlanta or D.C.  I am however addicted to OC out of all of them.  Something about watching the girls act a fool in their “reality” world is entertaining.  Hey I could have worse addictions and I am definitely not acting like they do so it’s my vice.

I started watching the new season, which just aired it’s third episode, to see what is going on in the never ending Gretchen/Tamara saga.  I am telling you it draws me in, “Hi, my name is Toni and I am a ‘reality’ t.v. addict“.  This morning before my Monday round table I was watching last nights episode because Tamara’s boy toy was being revealed I mean after keeping up with entertainment gossip and watching the show it’s only natural I was curious.  I got to see him (really not that impressed, just sayin’).

What made my jaw drop was the end when Tamara was in the bath (obviously without clothing) and in she called him.  The show went from reality drama to reality moment of almost porn.  While it’s obviously not a wholesome show, and the women in it live lavish/party lifestyles so some things are to be expected,  there are somethings reality tv shouldn’t include.  I have seen couples kiss and that to me wasn’t crossing the line.  But this was way over the line in my opinion.  This is something I would expect to see on MTV’s Real World (if I watched ).

And of course we all remember the promo for this season when there was a wardrobe malfunction with this scene.  Oh wait, there was no wardrobe in the bathtub but you get my drift.  Where is entertainment going, I mean really.  If this is an indication where this show is headed, yours truly will be saying goodbye to it.  I am not against watching people make fools of themselves but this was a little much.

Well I guess to get my wholesome Housewives show they will just have to come and film “The Real Housewives of Navarre Beach” and star me LOL.  No drinking, no smoking, no naughty scenes, no cat fights, just a normal housewife with little money lives her life to please God. Hmm that’s an idea, who do I need to pitch it to.

What are your thoughts on where shows shown on regular channels are headed?  Do they seem to anyone else they are pushing the limit a bit to far and entertainment is getting to crazy and risque?

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    Girl, I am right with ya! I didn’t even watch the episode last night because I had seen the previews and realized it was going to be raunchy. It is really disappointing to see them stoop to that level for ratings!

  2. 3

    Yea! I felt like I was the only one that is totally obsessed with Real Housewives, especially OC! I saw the promo, but haven’t gotten to watch the episode yet, and was shocked by how much was shown. This isn’t HBO people. I wish the producers would have chosen to keep it a little more classy, but the fault lies with Tamra. She has young children who are one day going to find that on the internet. No wonder Simon didn’t want them on the show.

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      Yeah I was uber shocked she was okay with putting that out there. NO WAY would I LOL. It’s a little thing I like to call class, no naked videos no naked photographs here. But that’s just my prerogative.

      • 5

        Totally agree. I don’t see how you could lower yourself to shooting soft core porn for a tv show. I have to ask for what? To get back at your ex? I just don’t get it.

  3. 6

    WOW! I am surprised that it was Tamara and NOT Gretchen being porn-tastic! Usually Gretchen is villified so of course I would assume that. I may have to check it out. Have not watched the OC lately but do love some good Atlanta and Beverly Hills Drama!!!

    • 7

      LOL I was surprised that any of them would do that. Bev Hills was cracking me up I can’t wait for the next season. 🙂

  4. 8

    I can’t say I’ve ever watched the show, I tend to get annoyed with high maintenace gals (although I love their outfits and I would love to have a lavish lifestyle to a certain degree). But I do hear of how reality shows have to continuously out shock other shows or their own previous shows for ratings. Kinda how celebrities always strive to out shock their peers so they can continue to get outrageous publicity. But I sure feel normal when I see celebrities or reality shows act outrageous. Funny world we live in. Not sure if I’m on target, but that is my own personal observation and theory on it. ~Cheryl 🙂

    • 9

      I would love to have their outfits, shoes, handbags and accessories and the money that goes along with all of that LOL. I was thinking the same thing about feeling normal. They seems to make me not seem as crazy as I sometimes think I am 🙂

  5. 10

    lol, maybe they need a “Real Housewives of the Middle Class” show. We can show these ladies how it’s done.

  6. 12

    I think a lot of people were surprised (as was I). I feel like they are always trying to top the drama or take the show to a new level. Tamara has kids, but I’m guessing this might be part of her rebounding from her divorce..