What’s Your Heart Attitude?

Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall; don’t be happy when they stumble. For the Lord will be displeased with you and will turn his anger away from them. Provers 24: 17-18

Our heart attitude can be entirely different from the attitude people think we have, but God sees that. It’s so easy to put on a smile and act like we are happy for someone when we don’t think they deserve something. It’s also easy to act like we are hurting along with someone, but inside be thinking they got exactly what they deserved, especially when it’s someone who has done us wrong.

But what wrong thinking that is. Not only does it hurt us, but it also hinders the works God wants to do in our lives. God sees our heart attitudes. I think the world would be a much better place if we could see one another’s heart attitudes, the real feeling we have when something good or even bad is happening for someone we have been hurt by, because I think then we would all have much better heart attitudes.

Do we say “How exciting” when they have wonderful things going on, but grumble to God “Why is that happening for them after what they did.” Or maybe it’s “I am so sorry you are going through that, I’ll be praying for you” when we are saying in our hearts “They got exactly what they deserved.

We are not to hold on to offenses. It only hurts us when God wants to bless us; we are stopping what He wants to do because we have a bad heart attitude. We may be pretty on the outside, but God sees if we are beautiful or not on the inside. What does God see in you?

I can tell you, in the past, I have had a horrible heart attitude, I was bitter and would get more bitter when I saw someone who hurt me have all kinds of good things happen to them. And there were times I would be smug when I saw them struggling because they hurt me before. I can also tell you, having a wrong heart attitude made me miserable. It was like every day would be tainted with blah and muck, but it was my own doing because I was not having a good heart attitude.

Thankfully, God opened my eyes (figuratively speaking), and I saw the bad heart attitude I had, and He reminded me that I couldn’t be blessed when I am letting my heart be bitter. God can’t bless bitter people because they are not fully allowing Him to move. It’s the perfect tool, bitterness, for Satan to use to hold us back in our walk with God and ultimately keeping us from the blessings He wants to give us.

There are so many verses on forgiving (and yes even praying for) your enemy (I translate that to mean someone who has hurt you in whatever way) in the bible. That’s not a coincidence. There’s a reason God wants us to forgive those who hurt us, not rejoice in their suffering or be upset when good things to them.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and harboring a bad heart-a-tude is definitely one thing we can change. As I grew in my walk with God I realized I was much happier every day when I was truly happy for people, even the ones who hurt me or when I lifted their needs up in prayer. It’s amazing what having a good heart attitude does for your spirit and that will shine through.

Today, take a heart check, do you have a good or bad heart attitude? If there is someone who has hurt you take a moment to pray for them, thank God for blessing them and see if just what it does for you!

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