What changes when Mommy is sick? And about those fitness classes

I ask myself this question every time I am sick and get the same answer. The house goes kaput and then you get stressed, have a mental breakdown, unable to rest and have triple the housework to catch up. This is why I need a maid!

So I have been so sick the past 3 days, I mean like my butt is stuck to the recliner or body glued to the couch sick. Do I get a day off like my husband? Nope one of the very few disadvantages is you never get a day off. I say that b/c i really can’t think of many disadvantages, it is a wonderful job of being a stay at home mom (and yes it is a job, but that is a whole new blog I will conquer one day). Aside from when I needed to get up and get them their drink, food, or wipe a bottom I stayed motionless. Yep, that means *gasp* my kids played video games and watched t.v. all day! Wow that sounds bad, oh well it works.

What set off this sickness you ask….step blitz fushion and ab extreme. The fitness class I decided to try on this past Wednesday. Aside from huffing and puffing like a woman in full blown labor trying to get through her next contraction, the class was awesome. But geez I didn’t realize you could work your body so hard, it would give up on you at the first sign of a cold that you will feel like death in the next few days. I guess next time I will take my vitamin C before class. Okay all joking aside, the gym is my new haven. My safe place to escape…..hmm safe I guess would depend on your interpretation. I also made the mistake of taking body pump class, yes the name should have given away it would not be easy and when that didn’t the description should have but me being the ever optimistic one (and determined to get a Giselle body in two weeks) thought I could do this. I used the 5lb weights on the bar and the 5lb dumbbells because what is 10 lbs. right! Well half way through the workout i was pretty much down to just the bar and the 2.5 lb dumbbells and have come to the conclusion that if I am lucky it will take the entire time from now until I go to Florida in June to get anywhere close to the prepregancy body I had (that means no Giselle body)

Well I say all this this to say that the sickness has thrown not only my housework off but also my workouts! So what does one want to do during this depressing time, down a few margaritas and crash in the bed while watching reruns of Desperate Housewives. Hope you all are feeling better than I!

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    eekkk. sorry you had the nasty cold.