VMA’s My Take: Hotties, Jerks, Freaks and Why I Cried

Last night as I am sure half the country knows was MTV’s VMA awards.  The main reason I tuned in was A) for the Michael Jackson Tribute and B) for the New Moon trailer.  What I tuned in for did not disappoint at all but there were things along the course of the show that just plain pissed me and half of the twitter world off.

Robert Pattinson Let’s start on a positive note and go ahead and get it out of the way.  SQUEEEEE!  Yes I did, I squeed!  I thought I may just have an anxiety attack when that gorgeous man walked out on stage.  Sure sure he may be with Kristin, or so the tabloids say but we all know that is because yours truly is unavailable.   Oh wait did I just type that out loud…well moving on.

I was ecstatic for the New Moon cast to show us the new and longer trailer and has it ever made me more excited for November 20 to arrive (as if one would have thought that was possible).  I think I am beginning to have an unhealthy obsession with all things Twilight, namely Robert Pattinson.  The Englishman of every American (okay well not every but darn near close) woman’s fantasy…big sigh heard round the world when he walked out on stage.  So because I know all you care as much as I do about this new trailer, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Okay now that that is out of the way and I have returned my heartbeat to a pulse of normal. Let’s talk about the losers of the night. I am constantly shocked at people who seem to leave their brains and class at home, well assuming they had any class to begin with.
Kanye & TaylorKanye = A Stupid Scumbag Hothead Overconfident Loser Evildude (okay so that last one isn’t a real word but i had to use evil somehow and it sounded weird alone).

What he did to Taylor Swift was just wrong, whether or not she deserve to win in his mind, have a little class bozo. Hopefully MTV has learned their lesson after years of his rude outbursts and will keep him from future events. Though since it sends ratings through the roof I fear we all have a bit of Kanye in our future.

Picture 6 Okay I don’t even know what to say about Lady Ga-Ga except that maybe it should be Lady Gag after her outfits and performance last night. What in haites were the outfits she had on last night. This outfit (pictured on the left) looked like she had a neck brace on covered in feathers. Don’t get me wrong I love listening to her music but the girl is one cookie short of a full box.

Aside from this outfit the others she had on were better…or not. Lady you have money and this is not a circus. As I mentioned earlier I love her songs, my fave three being Paparazzi, Just Dance and Poker Face. Well last night at the awards she performed Paparazzi and it was absolutely the most disturbing performance I have seen. Yes the girl can sing and I get the premise of the song but really was and ending like this completely necessary:
Picture 17

Beyonce and TaylorMoving on to much happier moments that did make me cry. After Kanye’s rude outburst essentially saying Beyonce should have won, she did win another award and being the classy chick that she is, she invited Taylor Swift up to the stage so she could have her moment.

I thought that was absolutely wonderful of her to do and I am sure it made Taylor Swift’s night. And don’t they both look amazing, must say the girls both have some bodies on them. If I would ever hit the gym I may could compete…okay maybe not but I will dream.

Janet Jackson
Last but most definitely not least was the Michael Jackson Tribute. This was (well along with New Moon) my whole reason for watching the VMA’s. Dancers performed to songs Thriller, Bad, and Smooth Criminal followed by the famous brother/sister “Scream”. I am sure we all remember when that video came out and I thought it was brilliant.
When Janet came out doing the “duet” with Michael, it was the most touching part of the evening.

Yes, I got choked up but it was a brilliant performance on Janet’s end and you can tell just how much she loves her brother. It was awesome watching the scene where it was her and Michael dancing together in the video and she was live next to his video clip. Truly truly heart wrenching but wonderful.

Over all the VMA’s were entertaining, drama, and a bit of class.
Everything a great awards show should be, now if only they would get a different host. So if you watched the VMA’s what did you think of them? Any favorite parts? Opinion on Kanye?
See you there next year!
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  1. 1

    I too feel bad for Taylor Swift, her moment to shine and she gets upstaged. I do though think this showed the class of Beyonce.

    DeskTop Labels

  2. 2

    Kanye West is an unbelievable jerk…I was so angry when I saw what he did to Taylor Swift…I actually don’t have enough words for the loser – he is quite full of himself and should be banned from all shows…
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..MONDAY MINGLE – SEPTEMBER 14TH =-.

  3. 3

    Kanye’s an asshat, but it’s those moments that give light to true class like Beyonce’s. Without his asshat performance, she’d not have had the opportunity to show the world how it’s REALLY done. But he’s awful for hurting that little girl’s feelings. SHAME.

    Thought Janet was great, thought Lady Gaga was weird with the haystack on her head. WTH?!?

  4. 4

    Lady Gaga is one hot mess! She’s gross. I DVR’d the show so I was able to fast forward through her routine. Pink was awesome cause I love that song and love me a circus performance! Trapeeze! yay.
    I loved Scream when the video came out, awesome song, awesome video and Janets “duet” was truly great. The montage of dancers was also really great, the choreography for those dances/videos will always be amazing.
    Kanye is such a risk on live TV. but you’re right he gets ratings so who knows….poor Taylor. My aunt said that if that was Tina Turner or Aretha Franklin back in the day or someone with more of an attitude he would have gotten his @ss handed to him on stage. Kudos to Beyonce who did the right thing.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Rememberance =-.

  5. 5


    Nuh uh, Toni! Rob’s single because I’m unavailable. 😉

    Isn’t he just the most…ohh…[sigh]…I can’t even describe him. My heart palpitates and I get dizzy, just like Bella when Edward looks into her eyes.

    Poor Taylor! She seems so sweet. Kayne’s an idiot who acted like a three year old throwing a tantrum. (Read: stomping foot, grabbing award and saying, “MINE!”)

    And don’t even get me started on Lady Gaga. She needs professional help.

  6. 6

    I didn’t not watch the VMA’s but heard about Kayne’s outburst. Let her shine yes for sure and hats off to Beyonce for having class.

    I didn’t see the trailor but watching it just now gave me goosebumps!! SQUEEE!! is right. I can’t wait. Dakota doesn’t look bad as a vampire. Although Rob takes my breathe away, Edward is nothing compared to Jacob!! LOL HEHEHE Yes I am the Wolf Lover! Adventurous but still caring, warm hearted and loving.
    .-= JessNBP´s last blog ..Reading Goals =-.

  7. 7

    I thought the show was hilarious lol. Kanye was being Kanye an attention whore as usual. Did you see him on the red carpet with a bottle of Hennesy,so you know he was going to cut a fool lol.
    Lady Coo Coo changed like 20 times, who does she think she is? She has a great pr team I tell you that and if you didnt know who she was,you do now. Its all about the buzz. lol
    .-= tami´s last blog ..Buick Lacrosse 2010 Day 3 =-.