ValMax, Kid’s Couture Clothing Review

It’s no secret I have a little fashionista in the house.  She is always excited when she gets new clothes and even more excited when that entails modeling them for the camera.  Recently, we had the chance to check out an adorable ValMax couture outfit.  One of their taglines “Valmax SOMETHING UNEXPECTED WITH AN OLD SCHOOL TOUCH...” says it all! Their clothing is absolutely stunning and the dress we received came straight from Italy (which made this Italian mom a little giddy).  The minute we unwrapped it I was in awe.

Val Max

The photos don’t do it justice but it is such a cute little frock. I ordered a size 6 which fit, however, I could have went up a size an it would have been able to work for longer than I think this will. So, just a heads up if you order from there I would go a size up, at least in something that is very fitted. It  fits just right but I would really like to have a little room for her to grow and wear it for longer. Before I show you the diva in modeling mode I want to share with you a little more about the brand, ValMax.

Italian label, VALMAX
The Original Luxury Childrenswear clothing line, which has been a world established brand for 52 years, presents its AW12 collection offering chic yet practical, colorful contemporary and comfortable handmade clothing for girls from 3 to 14 years. A fusion of classical styling paired with modern vision in composition and a touch of the unfamiliar are the characteristics of VALMAX AW2012. Inspiration comes from the lands of Southern Italy, a love for colors, the taste for richness in textures
and the search for playful contemporary twists come together to create an adorable range of articles from casual basics to party outfits which will capture the imagination of kids and parents alike.

ValMax truly has some beautiful pieces, in fact I would like to own them all and if they need a model in the US for their clothes, my daughter is ready! Check her out in this perfect little dress:
Couture Clothing
Kid's Couture Dress
Girls Dresses

Seriously, how beautiful is she! The dress has a  satin feel to it and has mohair, which you can see at the bottom. It fit her like a glove and she is ready to flaunt her fabulous style. Check out some of the other beautiful items offered from ValMax (which I want one of each, just being honest):

Valmax Clothing

I actually would love some of those for myself! Valmax takes elegance with kids style and intertwines it perfectly, giving such a sophisticated look without going overboard. Keep a watch as Valmax comes out with more looks, because you know I will be sharing them right here on A Daily Dose of Toni. Until then, go find where you can shop for Valmax so you can pick up your favorite looks.

**I was provided product for sole purpose of review. All opinions are, as always, honest and my own**

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    The dress is so gorgeous! It looks great on her! Love the bottom of it.

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    OH MY GOODNESS! That Valmax dress is PRECIOUS! She looks beautiful in it! My daughter is a fashionista too, and loves children’s haute couture. Your daughter is a little older than mine but I think they would have a lot to talk about. 😉

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    She looks adorable in that dress!

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    Wow, that is a beautiful dress. Will she be wearing it for something special?

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    I love everything about this dress. Of course the model wearing it is gorgeous so that helps.

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    Love the dress and your daughter is adorable!

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    That dress is CUTE!

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    That is a really pretty dress!

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    What a unique dress and your little girl makes it look especially pretty.

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    Beautiful dress. Love the bubble hem!