Update on Amazon’s Not So Smart Choice

Amazon seems to have gotten the message as they have removed the book I mentioned yesterday.  Sad that it took an outrage of possibly millions and hitting the national news to have them remove it.  Removing it should not have been an option to choose from as it never should have been made available.

If you are to search the book, the link still comes up but when you click on the link you get an error message saying Document not found.  So at least someone had some smarts at the company to take it off the site but it should never have been available at all. Amazon still holds the title I bestowed upon them yesterday due to the fact the book was available at all.

Thanks to the millions of people who banded together and the news sources out there for making this a story that Amazon had to listen to.  It’s amazing what the power of numbers can do.  Now let’s hope they stay smart and keep this kind of sick stuff off their site  in the future.

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    Good for you Toni!! I’m glad that they listened. It is sad that it took all of that. Kinda makes me wonder what sort of team is in place that let that book slip through the cracks and end up for sale on Amazon.

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    That’s definitely good to hear. I was really shocked that they made that choice. Well, someone that they put in charge of that (and was representing the company) made that choice. That situation gave me chills… You know, what in the world! Who in the world would support this?! So crazy. Thanks for being a positive voice and alerting us to this.

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    I was disgusted and shocked by the book. I am glad Amazon took it down too!

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    Just read the Amazon post from yesterday and was going to comment that I’d be getting right over to Amazon to shoot them a piece of my mind. Glad to hear they’ve removed it. You’re right that it never should have been there in the first place. I’ll say that the right of free speech gave some dirt bag the right to write the book, but Amazon also has the right to refuse to sell it and should have. Some one really dropped the ball on this one. I think I’ll go ahead and shoot that e-mail anyway….

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    I also discussed Amazon on my blog ( yesterday as millions of others have as well! I felt betrayed by a friend – and now I feel like I am going thru a breakup since I made the decision to cancel all of my accounts and associations with Amazon. It is a disgrace that someone had to tell them to take the book down! I always thought of Amazon as a (semi-) family friendly site but now… no way! Some people argue they sell adult toys and such but that is far from this sort of material! Adult stores are LEGAL – pedophilia is not. That is the difference. Thank you for posting – I believe it is important to spread the word and let fellow-human beings (since I don’t think this is about being a PARENT – although it helps… this is about having morals) know what is going on before they start their Christmas shopping this year 🙂

    ~ Nicole

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    I let them know what I thought. You’re right it should have never been on there in the first place. Don’t they employee editors to read the items first before deciding whether their company wants to promote an items sell? If they don’t it’s just the same as either saying we have no problem with this item, or we promote this item, either of which in this case is sick.