Umm, NO.

I came across this swimsuit on PacSun and though oh no!  I mean really first off $122.00 for something that looks like catwoman decided to make her own club apparel.  She simply had to use her claws to rip and shred the whole suite and voila we now have this.

Secondly, who in the world would want tan lines like that, well unless this is strictly for club use and if you are wearing something like that to a club well, that’s a whole other blog post.  Putting on another bathing suit would never happen unless you want to look like an idiot with diamond shaped tan lines.

And last, you would have to be one of those waif models to even pull this off.  I mean I am not a big person, often I am told I am small (though to be honest I do have about ten pounds to lose, but I just deal with the pudge).  If I put this on I would look like a sausage someone tried to stuff in plastic wrap that had been cut up.  Would not be a pretty site.

I imagine we are going to see this one some poor poor girl and in my opinion this is a big swimsuit fashion disaster.  And if my daughter were old enough to be picking her own swimsuits I can bet you this…she would have more common sense than to pick something like this and if she didn’t I would have the sense for her.

So what are your thoughts.  Would you wear something like this or allow your daughter to wear it?

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    I hadn’t thought about tan lines. Good point. But my question is, “How on earth would you get it on?” I have been trying on swimsuits in the last week, and some of them required contorting my body just to get the top over my thighs. With all those openings, I would guess there would be a lot of tugging and arranging and too much work to wiggle it on.

    I am a one-piece girl, myself.

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      And you make an excellent point LOL. It is a wonder how they will get into the suit, it is awful complicated looking

  2. 3

    I think…only those who favor tan lines will be buying this. It’s horrid and ugly and not very protecting from the sun.

  3. 5
    Clarissa Nassar

    I dont think that could possibly flatter ANYONE! eww

  4. 7

    No, No, No …I mean really? Why?

  5. 9

    I am constantly moving my bathing suit straps around trying to avoid as many tan lines as possible… I think I would wear myself out doing that with this one, LOL

  6. 11
    Lauralee Hensley

    That is totally a fashion disaster. The second one I’ve seen today.
    The first fashion diaster was actually on an older lady at the Doctor’s office that I went to with my husband for his appointment.
    The lady I saw had skin tight black leather pants on and boy oh boy she had to many lumps and bumps and jiggles and wiggles to be in them. She had on such a pretty white and black print blouse and great shoes, but those pants ruined her look as far as I’m concerned.

  7. 12

    I’d consider wearing it if I had the body for it. Since I don’t, I’d scare way too many people by wearing it.