Tuesday’s Tidbits: Written STyle

Busy Busy

Oh gosh where do I begin, this is my Tuesday’s Tidbits but instead of vlogging it I am writing it out. First and foremost let me go ahead and warn you as I am not sure when everything will start happening. If all of the sudden you can’t get to my site, my feed isn’t updating in your reader, no email subscription coming through….well I am going to be moving to self hosted soon hopefully. This site will still be here but when I get the domain on a hoster it will revert back to my blogspot domain and I will begin posting on my new self hosted site, just an fyi. I am not sure how this will affect subscriptions through readers and email but just note that I may be offline for a bit while I make the switch.

Should something happen and I can’t or decide not to, things will remain normal here and this post is just a test of the Just STop Screaming broadcasting system. I am excited and nervous about the move but I think in order for me to move forward in my blogging journey it is necessary. So hopefully if I go down (sitewise) you will all be right back to reading once i am up and I hope it does not mess with anyones subscriptions. Okay if I am being really honest about how I feel about the move to self hosted, I am …..
Scared still

Next, I am so excited to have won the grand prize over on the Say It Face To Face Contest.
is an amazing new site started by Janice and Susan of 5 Minutes For Mom. It is all vlogging all the time. The run down is you start a conversation and others reply to it, but the catch is, it’s all vlogging. I love to vlog so this site is right up my alley. When you have a minute head over and check it out and get some conversations rolling.

Last but not least….
General Mills

I am so excited to be going to General Mills Table Talk at the end of this month… another reason I am nervous and anxious to get the move done soon and make sure it works, how bad would that suck to not have a blog for the event. Basically myself, along with several other bloggers are headed to the General Mills headquarters to talk about family dinner times. We will get to see some of the new products they are coming out with and best of all eat…okay my thighs don’t appreciate that as my favorite part but it is sure to be a great time.

I think I am not going to be attending the Type A Mom conference, unless Label Daddy decides they need me too. I am tired and with school just starting and Sitscation a little over 2 weeks after it, I just don’t think I can do it. I think this conference this year will be one I forego. For personal and professional reasons and you know, I thought I would be extremely disappointed but I am strangely okay with it…wonder why that is?? I am sad I won’t get to hang with some of the awesome people I read and tweet with daily but I will meet them eventually 🙂

What’s your life got going on, share with me and make mine seem less hectic please 🙂

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  1. 1

    Good luck with your mooooove!

  2. 2
    Christie-The ChatterBox

    Change for the better is always good, my love. You know those who love you (me me me) will be here no matter what! Congratulations on all of the new things you have going on. I am definitely going to check out that vlogging site…got to stop being afraid of the camera! You are ALL good with me girl…from one multi-tasking maniac to another!

  3. 3

    No sense in getting burned out! You wouldn't be good to anybody then! Please take care and continue to pace yourself!

  4. 4

    what took me so long to clickclick over to you…good luck with the move and me? Im off to explore.