Tuesday’s Tidbits: Obama’s School Speech

Today Obama is addressing schools nationwide and while I read the message and there is not political points made in it, I am still not sure I would be okay with it being shown to my elementary school children without my permission.

Here are my thoughts on my children’s school decision on how to handle the speech.

So is your child’s school showing the speech? Did you know before hand? Are you going to let them watch it or is this something you prefer for them to watch with you so if something is over their head you can explain? Please share your thoughts in the comments, look forward to hearing them.

Happy Tuesday.

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    My hubs told me about this Friday. He walked out son to school and asked the teacher how they were handling the speech. She told him that the school was going to watch first and then decide.

    My hubs was pleased by this answer. I’m going to have to agree. I want to know what’s going to be said beforehand. I can always dvr it and show him later.
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      See this is my thing, I want to discuss with my children, not after the fact the school has shown them. That is my responsibility as a parent ot make sure my child understands things. Now if they were in high school my opinion may be completely different because obviously they will grasp what is said :)My little man I highly doubt it.

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    I’ve read a lot about this subject. Last night I was thinking…

    Would there be such a big fuss if Zac Efron wanted to speak to school kids?


    My child will be watching. Why? Because to me, it wouldn’t matter if it was a Republican President or whatever, it’s the President of the United States. I want my son to give the upmost respect to the president, regardless of political party.
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      LOL I sort of responded to this in the above comment.. I agree about giving respect, just because I would rather a school not show something that I would prefer to watch with my child does not mean I am not respecting the president 🙂

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    I am not a political person… I posted about my thoughts the other day… here is a quick snippit of it… and my post is

    I am not a political person… I believe that whoever is president deserves our right to listen.

    Why would we not?

    Are we SOOO afraid that he is going to “sway” our children in the hour he is going to talk to them in a way that we can’t correct?

    What harm is it going to do?

    “Support your country, each other and the president” – Yep… I checked.. so far I don’t have anything bad to think about that one.

    “Study hard, you ARE our future” – Yes… also very true statements, so what would I complain?

    He is going to talk to them! The president of the UNITED STATES cares enough about my football playing son, my artist daughter, my prima donna senior to speak with them.

    He is speaking to my second grader, my kindergartner and two toddlers. He is speaking to all of us and all of them. He is speaking to the teacher standing before those students, giving those children hopes that they can one day change the world.

    Change a world that is showing hardships all around. How many of our kids have come home to use with tears in their eyes saying, “My friend had to move to live with their grandmother because they couldn’t afford their home.” ?

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      I think it depends on the family and the student, there is no way my Kindergartner is going to grasp most of what is said in that speech with some delays in areas I am lucky if he grasps things I teach him let alone a whoever minute long speech. Whether or not I agree with the man politically is not the issue, my young child will possibly not pay attention and not grasp what is said in this speech, I would rather watch it with him so I can explain at a level he will understand. That isn’t saying that I disagree with what he said or have anything against having my kids listen to him (unless he ever dropped politics in it and that goes for any president lOL). Just that there are age appropiate speeches

      I would have allowed them to watch it I am not one of those who would have pulled their child out of school but I am glad the school is not just showing it without letting us know first that some schools did. I think the message in this particular speech is very uplifting and fitting for OLDER kids not my kindergartner.

      And I wouldn’t care if this was Tim TEbow, Zac Efron, or Mother Theresa herself, if I think my child may not understand a message being given I don’t care who is giving it, I want to be the one to watch it with them and explain whatever the message is to them on a level they will understand. Nothing more nothing less 🙂

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      LOVE THIS…

      “He is going to talk to them! The president of the UNITED STATES cares enough about my football playing son, my artist daughter, my prima donna senior to speak with them.”

      Well said!
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        I think every president ever cares about out kids lOL, that doesn’t mean I would have cared any less if it was Bush, this would have went over my childs head (the younger school aged one) and that is why I care. Now when we get to his politics a whole other story LOL but this has nothing to do with him caring, who he is, simply the fact that my kid would not grasp what he is saying, possibly others his age would but being delayed and not even understanding some things his parents explain to him this would have went over his head and that time could be spent actually learning what he needs to learn, this I can explain to him how I know he will understand at home. 🙂

  4. 9

    My school district did not air the speech today. They are leaving it up to the individual principal. Personally, I don’t know what the hubbub was all about. I watched the speech and it was as I expected. The importance of your education and staying in school. I mean seriously????? What did people think he was going to say??? He said “as a parent” what every responsible parent instills in their child at the beginning and during the school year. So I can’t even understand what all of this hoopla came about.
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    • 10

      Hey Hey Mrs C 🙂

      I don’t know what everyone else is saying but only for me, I would rather discuss it with my child and watch it with them, mainly the younger boy so that he understands what is being said. He doesn’t understand his father and I most of the time and to expect him to sit and listen and understand this (knowing as his parent) wouldnt’ happen his time in school is better spent on learning to write and sound letters and read so he can be on the same level as other children (he is a bit delayed with occupational therapy), that’s the only problem I have 😉 not sure if it makes sense or not LOL. Older kids as in high school it’s not a problem as this seems to be geared toward the older students to me.

  5. 11
    Christie-The ChatterBox

    I like how everyone is remembering that he is the president and should be respected. Glad to see that there are still some people who get that. Seeing your point of view Toni, I get it…with little kids, it would have completely gone over their heads. I even agree (to an extent) with making it optional and up to the school, principal or even individual teacher. I guess I had a problem with the people who made it seem like he was going to do some kind of Jedi Mind Trick on their kids. Especially since other presidents did this in the past and it wasn’t a problem. Now “this” president giving a positive “stay in school because you are the future” message is taboo. Something is rotten in denmark! Anyhoo…this is the topic of my show tomorrow. I am a little afraid to bring it up but, hey…
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    • 12

      I agree with you on the radicalists absolutlely. If I had had kids in school when Bush was and and had he addressed them, I loved the man but I still would not have been okay with it for my younger children. I don’t give a hoot if it is a president I loved to death or the president I didn’t vote, the star quarterback or a movie star for it’s still something for me, personally, should be a family thing not a school thing if I as their parent don’t think they will grasp it 🙂

      I will so try to be there tomorrow :).

  6. 13

    Many of the people up in arms about President Obama speaking to students, are the same people who believe that there should be prayer in school.

    They stand that they should be able to be with their child to defend their political views – even though his address had nothing to do with politics.

    What about the Jewish Mom who wouldn’t be there to defend her religious views? They still insist that the woe’s of our society is because we need to put prayer back in school.

    I am so tired of the great double standard and the self serving attitude that allows people to only see themselves. The same attitude that says we should not have to press 1 for English.

    I am in no way saying that you, Toni, are of that mentality. I am just responding to what I’ve seen a lot of the fuss to be about. Sadly, I think that there will be those who fight Obama every step of the way, whether it be swatting at a fly, or him “indoctrinating” our children. More of that self seving junk that can’t be good for our country.

    One Nation under God ,indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    • 14

      Oh girl I got chewed out by someone at the pharmacy i work at b/c they didn’t think they should have to press one LOL. Now I will say I do think people that come to live here should learn our language and it infuriates me to see a 1st grader translating for their parent I do understand that while they are learning there will always be a need for that.

      And I agree about those fighting Obama, I may not have voted for him but as our president I do stand behind him and hope he can do what he said he would as far as financial means in our country goes:) As I do with every other president whether I agree with their political views or not 🙂

  7. 15

    I honestly don’t have much of an opinion to speak of on the subject of the actual presentation of the video. I think a big deal was made out of a little deal. I’ve seen a lot of things blown out of proportion since Obama got into office – things that wouldn’t have been even halfway noticed if other presidents had done them… but of course, that’s just my assumptive perception.

    I don’t know if the schools here are playing it for the kids. I haven’t asked because whether or not it is going to be presented to them, my kids will be in attendance. I don’t agree with a good bit of the things they are exposed to at school on the play yard with their peers, but I don’t insist that they be shut away from their friends. I don’t agree with the theory of evolution, but I don’t keep them home during the time they are supposed to be learning science. We don’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons, but I don’t rush up to their classroom and demand that there be no depictions of flying witches serving as part of the seasonal decorations. I don’t see this as any different.

    The bottom line is this: I teach my children at home much more than they will ever learn at school about our family’s beliefs, what is and is not acceptable, the expectations we have of them morally and characteristically, and how sometimes society is going to embrace things that we don’t believe in… shielding them from what is going on around them limits their capability of learning by contrast as well as restricting their opportunity to apply lessons they’ve learned to the experiences they encounter. I think being presented with things that allow them to question what they’ve been told only provides ample opportunity for me to reaffirm and solidify those lessons by presenting them with answers they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.
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    • 16

      I agree with many of your points but when my 6 year old (who had to wait a year b/c of delays to start school) barely grasps some of the things we teach him over and over, for him alone I think the time is better spent learning, not listening to a speech. I wouldn’t have pulled mine out either and I think it is extremists who are giving everyone in every group a bad name whether it is republican extremist, democratic extremist, or whatever group LOL.

      My 4th grader may understand it great but I know my younger school child and he wouldn’t and due to that, that is why I would rather it be something watched as a family so if they have questions I can answer in a way I know they will understand.

      I do however think that every president has situations that get blown out of preportion, Bush did, Clinton did, the other Bush did, not just Obama and he won’t be the last, it happens with every one of them, it’s what comes with the office, it sucks for all of them.

  8. 17

    However you phrase it, your needing to presceen is teaching your children that you personally do not trust this president to speak appropriately. I don’t hear anyone concerned with how teachers will react and what they will discuss with kids after the speech is viewed. It’s more important for me to know that school policy will have teachers reinforcing the positive message while respecting the President for who he is and not getting political.

    • 18

      And you are not understanding that I know what my child will and will not understand (I know the problems he has and what would go over his head) and this is one of those things for my younger, not my older, that I would need to explain to him. I read the speech so I knew what it said and I (like you if you are a parent) know my child better than anyone and this is something he would not grasp, if even pay attention to…

      It has nothing to do with trust at all, and yes if they were going to discuss it (with my older child since i have less of a problem with him seeing it w/o me because he will understand) I would be just as worried about what the teachers have to say, so your point about me not trusting what the POTUS (whoever it is now, past or future) is off. However I do agree that some (not myself) may not trust what he has to say, it’s their right to feel that way in our country. Just like it was people’s right to not agree with McCain or not trust him, it’s the freedom of our country sucks at times but in the end at least we have freedom right 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and I hope you realize what I mean 🙂 Have a blessed day

  9. 19

    My 5 yr old came home and the first thing she said was Mommy, We saw Barack Obama and he told me to try my best. I actually had a little tear because, she was so excited. I also have a daughter in college and I never recall hearing ant opposition when 2 other Presidents gave similar “school” speeches. I personally feel he is fought on every point because, he is African American and many Americans can just not deal with it.

    • 20

      I don’t necessarily think he is fought on every point because he is African american, I think there are stupid people who will fight him on everything because of thats sure just as they did Palin because she was a woman, those are the idiots of the world who do that. I think there are always going to be people that will fight ANY president on everything, Bush was attacked on almost every point he made by radical democrats, it is just the radical ones who make everyone in their party look bad (on both sides), so sad really. I can not speak for other parents I can only speak for myself and why I think it is better for my youngest school child to watch this with me. My 4th grader sure he could have and understood but my kindergartener, knowing as his parent what he does and does not grasp knew this was not something he would sit through and understand so that is my problems. Now other kids in his class may have understood but he would not have if he even remembers a word of what was said.

  10. 21

    Exactly Toni it’s what’s best for you and your family! I respect you and your feelings. 😀
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