Toni’s Thoughts: 15 things I like about me:

When over at Kitrona’s blog she had a post listing 15 good things about herself and she encouraged her readers to do the same, to raise self esteem. I thought what a great idea, but then when I sat down to actually write these I had a time. I mean really I didn’t think it would be that hard to point out good things about myself, but for someone who tends to always find the disappointments I guess it was. Finally I did come up with my list and it is as follows:

1. I am a wonderful mom. There is not one thing I would not do or give up for my children.

2. I am a great wife. I know what my husband likes and doesn’t like in all areas of life and I love the fact I am the kind of wife he wants and deserves.

3. I am a loyal friend. I will stand by my friends to the end. Unfortunately sometimes that ends up being a bad thing but oh well at least the ones who do really care know I am loyal to them.

4. I am very trustworthy. I will keep a secret until the day I die if a friend asks me to. Even if my friend and I lose touch or are no longer friends I will keep that secret. If you can’t be trusted when something is not perfect in your life or when you are angry at someone then that in my opinion shows really what type of a person you are. I can say that I would not expose something told to me in secret even if I were no longer friends with a person.

5. I am a good dancer. I know you all get to see me goof off on here when I post my videos but in all actuality I can dance. Whether it be hip hop, jazz, tap, or ballet I can do it. I dedicated 15 years to dance and am proud to say “This mom has moves”

6. I can laugh at myself. Sometimes people take life too seriously and that has to make for an unhappy life. It is always good to laugh at yourself and have a little fun, don’t live a life of seriousness all the time.

7. I am a very tender hearted person. I let the smallest things get to me but if I didn’t have a tender heart I guess I would not care about people and what happens to them. So I embrace my tender heartedness with pride!

8. I have beautiful eyes. They change color so they always match my outfit LOL. But really they are sometimes so strikingly blue they even amaze me.

9. I have an awesome butt and legs, yes I will brag on them they are looking hotter everyday with the workouts I am doing.

10. I wear my heart on my sleeve, some may say that is not a good thing but I think showing how you feel and not hiding it is a great thing. Especially when you have good friends to support you through whatever feeling you are going through.

11. I have straight teeth and they are beautiful in pictures and video in my opinion. Of course I had to wear braces for 8 years of my life but it was very worth it.

12. I look cute in anything, whether I am in typical soccer mom clothes (track suits) or all dressed up. Hey what can I say, i am entitled to be shallow in this post right!

13. I am a great listener, if my friends come to me and just need to vent I am all ears for them.

14. I have faith. This is something I struggled with for awhile but I now realize my life is much better when I have faith, even when times are tough or when something happens for a reason and I dont’ understand why or how I will get through something. I know God will get me through whatever it is because he has promised me that.

15. I will always be a kid at heart. I can still sit and watch the Care Bear movies with my kids and love them. I can still scream like a 12 year old at the NKOTB concerts and I can enjoy trick or treating with my kids just as much as I enjoyed it as a kid. I take life seriously when I need to but if you are too serious all the time you just aren’t fun.

Now it’s your turn, what are 15 things you love about yourself. Go post and then share the post in my comments (since tech saavy is not one of my 15 things I don’t know how to do mister linky LOL).

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    Can I have your butt and thighs please?

  2. 2
    michelle {sweet mady's paper}

    what a fun post!!

  3. 3
    Chic Shopper Chick

    Awesome post! And you are entitled to have confidence in who you are — that is not being shallow at all! You rock! Now only if I looked good in anything… 🙂

  4. 4

    What a cool topic…thanks!

    I like my butt, but would you mind sharing your thighs??