Toning It Up With Toni & #YourShape : Week 2 Wrap Up

Well it’s the end of Week 2 of the YourShape 3 month challenge and this week, frankly put, I sucked. Hey we are all allowed to have a sucky week right? However today I wanted to talk to you about cookbooks. I think with nutritional values being so hard to figure out with recipes (it’s kind of a pain in the butt to look up the nutritional value of the ingredients individually). What I look for in cookbooks are the ones that list the Nutritional values under the recipe so I am not left trying to figure it out for myself.

The cookbooks I use that have these nutrtional values in them are the, Better Homes and Garden Bridal Cookbook, Pillsbury Annual Recipes 2006, and The Taste of Home Cookbook.

I love that the serving size and nutritional value is on each recipe it makes it so much easier to figure out, especially if there are those out there who are doing low carb diets, or for someone who is calorie counting. They make finding out this stuff a snap! Now let’s all hope I do much better this week with the workouts and eating!

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    I have so many cookbooks that I never use – if they had the calorie counts right there on the page I would be so much more likely to pick them up!
    .-= Selfish Mom´s last blog ..Great Deals Every Day from Juice Box Jungle =-.

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      I agree it’s much easier and even if you want to eat something not so healthy you can adjust your serving size and such kwim

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    I agree, nutritional values can be a huge pain in the butt! Google is my best friend when cookbooks don’t share calories.
    .-= Randa @ The Bewitchin’ Kitchen´s last blog ..Eden Fantasys Review & Giveaway =-.

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    I have sucked for months now! I wrote a post in November about losing weight and how I was gonna start my workout routine well before the new year started. Well I am a big fail in that category because I haven’t been on the treadmill since December. And forget about eating healthy! I really suck.

    I don’t much like cookbooks. I think because I’m too impatient to read all the directions. I’d rather watch Paula Dean, slap a stick of butter on everything and go to eating! Good luck with everything. Keep Posting.

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    awww…c’mon you guys are TOO hard on yourselves. You DONT suck…it just is HARDER after having kids and reaching certain ages. I know for me when I hit 30 ish I noticed my metabolism shifted, like OVERNIGHT! Plus, I was in school, stress eating, not exercising at ALL. I still have a hard time and vow every year to lose weight, eat healthier and get more exercise.

    I have learned THIS year to shift my focus…REALLY shift it so i am not THINKING about it so darn much. For me, health problems have totally changed my perspective and I have my priorities changed because of this. I have actually GAINED 12 pounds in 3 months but am more focused right now with eating healthy foods to gain strength, get better sleep, focusing on not putting toxins in my mouth *by way of food, *into my lungs by way of inhaling poisonous cleaning products, gas vapors, etc, or even *on my skin by using lotions or creams, make up, etc that is not healthy. With the skin being your largest ORGAN of your body, even showering in chemically treated water like chlorine actually has your skin “drinking it all into your body”.

    I know we all want to look great, it makes us feel so much better about ourselves, but weight is only one part of that. I have seen SUCH beautiful moms on these blogs. TRULY…just beautiful inside and out. What I see are patient moms who just ADORE and LOVE their children unconditionally. We do not expect perfection from them. It’s a “MOM” thing, for most every mom at least. I hope one day our world will allow us to accept OURSELVES in the same light. We are our worst critics.

    I love reading your stories. I have seen your and others’ stories of perseverence and getting through bigstuff and smallstuff. Be good to yourselves. You most definitely do NOT suck!!! 🙂 Good luck though on your goals! You will get there!

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    Hey that cookbook info is awesome! that’s what I want! Just tell me how to make it healthy to begin with for goodness sake. I’m not a nutritionist. I want it done for me. lol
    .-= Pamela M. Kramer´s last blog ..5 Fingers of Thanks =-.