Toning It Up With Toni & #YourShape : Hitting The Plateau

Why yes I have sucked the last 2 weeks on my posts.  I haven’t kept you up to date with my Toning It Up With Toni series and I am sure you are all wondering why..even if you aren’t let’s just pretend so I feel special.  Frankly put I haven’t updated because well my life has been crazy with the biopsy and work (which btw in case you are all wondering the biopsy/lump came back as a fibroid adenoma, so all is okay).  Anyhoo, I have been working out and still eating healthy (though I do have the occasional junk here and there) and well if you want to know watch the vlog:

So what do you do when you hit a plateau in weight loss? I guess maybe I should stop worrying about the numbers and figure out what I need to do to specifically target my problem areas (tummy and love handles). So if you have any suggestion for that let me know.

If you want to read past posts in the Toning It Up With Toni series just click it and it will take you to the main page with all the posts. See ya next week.

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    One of the best ways to beat a plateau is to add intervals (short bursts of high effort separated by low effort cool downs in between) to your workouts. It helps rev up your progress! Your body starts getting used to what you are doing, so changing things up occasionally really helps.
    .-= Christine Jensen´s last blog ..Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner REVIEW =-.

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    Yes, it sounds like your body is used to your workout. I had the problem. I started adding more exercises that were fun like hula-hooping which is great for the middle. If you don’t know how just got to You Tube and type in hula hooping and you’ll find some really good instructional videos there. I also have a rebounder (mini trampoline) that I use to break up the monotony. You can dance on it, run… even do yoga with it. The Urban Rebounder is the most resonable and it also works your middle. If you like to dance, put on a good dance CD and dance it out. If you know some Latin moves, use them, they also work your middle.

    You have to trick your body when you plateau. Why not make it fun?
    .-= Gayle Herbert Robinson´s last blog ..What ‘s Your Handbag Saying About You? =-.