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Take an adventure and immerse yourself in the history of the Titanic!

If you have studied history of any kind or just in school, chances are you have heard the heart breaking story of the the Titanic. Titanic was a British passenger line ship that made it’s first and last voyage in 1912. With 2,224 crew and passengers the sinking made it the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history. She was the largest ship afloat in her maiden voyage and no one could predict what would happen as she set out from Southhampton headed to New York. 4 days into her journey, Titanic, hit an iceberg that would be the destruction of the ship and cause the deaths of 1,502 people.

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN is one that will take you into the depths of the ocean where you will get to experience some of the hidden treasures found on the Titanic. With artifacts saved straight from the ship itself, The Titanic Museum, is the one of the world’s largest permanent collections available to visit.

You start by receiving your boarding pass of an actual person who was on the Titanic and at the end of your tour you will find out if the person you are is one who survived or not. With audio device option you can either walk through the museum and learn more than what your eyes will see. I loved being able to go a little deeper than just seeing the artifacts. They also have kid friendly stories so even the kids can immerse themselves in all things Titanic.

The moment I started my journey through the museum I was over taken with emotion. I felt as if all those lives lost were right there with me as I looked at everything from first class dishes to actual letters written from passengers. I looked in on a first class and third class cabin and the difference was astounding.

titanic museum

Walk the grand staircase just as if you were there yourself. One of my favorite rooms was the “Father Brown” room. A room full of photos taken aboard the Titanic. His film gives us a look at the day to day life both of passengers aboard the Titanic.

titanic museum

Read stories of passengers day to day life. One story that had me sobbing was of the musicians aboard who sent their wives and children to safety while they stayed a played in order to give some sort of peace/joy during this scary time. Every artifact, and story in this museum moved me to the point of no words.

Along the way you will be able to interact with different objects/activities and see what it would have been like shoveling coal to keep the ship running, holding on as the ship went more vertical, and even walk the chilly deck feeling what the temperature felt like that frigid night. Don’t forget to touch the “iceberg”.
titanic museum

As you get through the rooms and head to the memorial room you will see the names of each passenger aboard the Titanic, that means who you are representing too. As I looked at the wall I saw the names of children, women and men. I found out my passenger lived but there were so many who didn’t and to see all those names was just heartbreaking.

The Titanic Museum is an experience that you will want to check out when you vacation in the Pigeon Forge area. The exhibit, the stories, the interactive features makes for one experience you won’t want to miss. If you are easy to cry, be sure to bring the tissues because it is a very emotional journey, awesome, but emotional.

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**This was part of the Brandcation trip. Thank you to Titanic for our breakfast, tickets and audio feature. All opinions are my own**

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