Tips For Holiday Travel, Stay Safe While On The Go #LifeLock


The holiday season is prime time for traveling.  Heading to hang with friends and family and make fun memories are what so many of us look forward to during Christmas time.   Unfortunately, that can also mean it’s prime time for some not so good things as well.   Here are a few tips to keep safe while on the go this travel season:

  • Have a neighbor occasionally park in your driveway so it’s not easy to spot when you are on vacation.  If you don’t have more than one car, or even if you do, have a neighbor park there to keep the look of someone being there.
  • Keep the mail pile low.  One of the first things people will notice is mail piling up so either have a trusted person picking up your mail or request a temporary hold with the post office.
  • Make sure your phones password is not common.  You can snap photos of important documents or photos of your kids when you are traveling in case you need them but you want to make sure your password isn’t something that can be broken easily.  You definitely don’t want a stranger with access to bank accounts, email or other important apps you may have on your phone.
  • Don’t be rushed!  It’s so easy to lose important papers when you are traveling so make sure you aren’t rushed.  Allow yourself ample time whether you are driving or flying so you don’t risk getting flustered and losing something important.
  • Sit On It.  If you are traveling with money in a wallet or small purse, instead of putting it under the seat, sit on it.  Especially if you are going to nap, you will want to make sure you know if someone is messing with your stuff.
  • Picture Perfect.  If you are planning on visiting a theme park or somewhere that kids could separate somehow, take a photo of each child before entering the area (this could be for anywhere really).   You will have the most up to date photo and the outfit they were wearing to show if you need to.

We don’t like to think of  anything happening while we are traveling but it’s best to be prepared.  Keeping your identity and family safe during the holidays is definitely important and staying on the up and up while you travel is key.  Look into LifeLock for a little added security and peace of mind both during the holiday season and out of it.

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What are some of your holiday travel tips to stay safe?

**I am a LifeLock ambassador and do receive compensation for this post.  All opinions, however, are my own**

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    I feel that the holidays are always a time to “watch out” and be aware of your surroundings.

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    I’ve never travelled during the holiday but great posts.

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    Those are great tips! THanks for sharing!

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    What great tips!

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    We’ve stayed here the last few years, still great tips though.

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    These are some great tips!

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    These are some wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing!

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    Also, cancel your newspaper!

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