It’s Time To #FightToxins with Seventh Generation #MC (sponsored)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Millennial Central for Seventh Generation. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating


300 toxins before birth!!! That’s a scary number, and to think it only goes up once we enter the world!! With Earth Day being tomorrow, it’s such a great time to think about all the things we use on a daily basis, because many of those things have toxins. That’s where Seventh Generation comes in!

seventh generation

I’ve teamed up with Seventh Generation to join them in their Toxin Freedom Fighters Campaign. This is a campaign I feel so strongly about, because as a parent I want to keep my kids safe, and toxins are not safe. Seventh Generation offers plant based, toxin free products from household cleaners to diapers. Seventh Generation, with the Toxin Freedom Fighters Campaign is spreading awareness about the importance of chemical reform in the United States.

TFF_early exposure square

Did you know that more than 80,000 chemicals available in the United States have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment. That’s really scary! Not to mention, scientists having linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks, such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, and various reproductive problems.  The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976, and has never been updated. Which means, tens of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals continue to be used in the marketplace since the 1970’s without proper testing and without disclosure by the companies that produce them.

How you can help!

  • Sign Seventh Generation’s petition to urge Congress to reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act for the first time since 1976.
  • Share.  Make sure all those you know are aware that of the 80,000 synthetic chemicals introduced into the market since the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed in 1976, the EPA has required testing on less than 10%.
  • Help Seventh Generation reach its goal of collecting 100,000 Signatures by April 24th by signing the petition for chemical reform and urging your friends and family to do the same!

Have you checked your products lately??

For additional information to learn more visit the Natural Resources Defense Council website.

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  1. 1

    It’s absolutely terrifying that so many available chemicals have NOT been tested for safety. I’m wondering how many of those are in things we use every day, or things that we have access to?

  2. 2

    I need to make this part of my spring cleaning, and check all the labels.

  3. 3

    Eek!!! That’s a lot of toxin! I really need to start checking my cleaning labels and make sure it’s safe to use.

  4. 4

    I love this product and won’t go back to anything else. I even love the way it smells.

  5. 5

    We love the Sevehth Generation products. That is a crazy amount of toxins to deal with before we even come into the world.

  6. 6

    This looks like a great company to help out with the spring cleaning. Thanks for all the great info.

  7. 7

    I love the Seventh Generation cleaning supplies. I was introduced to them years ago now and very impressed. Using natural products is very important in our household.

  8. 8

    I’m afraid most of mine are absolutely loaded with toxins. I really need to green things up!

    • 9

      I always try to be green but wind up buying products I have tried before. I need to be better about it too.

  9. 10

    I definitely think it’s time for them to reevaluate what they are putting in our products! If not only for us, but for the generations to come!

  10. 11

    Oh my!
    I really never have stopped to think about this.
    Wow I got to get to work

  11. 12

    It’s great that they are doing this campaign. As a mom, it worries me what my kids might be exposed to.

  12. 13

    I love the smell of their baby lotion!

  13. 14

    I like using Seventh Generation products. My kids have allergies and asthma so I like to use natural products when I can.

  14. 15

    I’ve been hearing alot about these products must check them out next time I shop.

  15. 16

    we take a lot of care when choosing products for our home. We aren’t 100% chemical free yet; but we are striving to become that way. making changes wherever possible. We are not a fan of all the common toxins found in so many everyday products.

  16. 17

    It’s amazing how many toxins we willingly allow in our homes, environments, and even our food…assuming because they are sold on a shelf they are safe. No one is more guilty than I, but I’ve been wising up. Posts like this are fantastic for helping others to be aware and more choosy too.

  17. 18

    That is really scary that early exposure could lead to those things – I’m glad we are finding more information out and ways to help it. x

  18. 19

    Petition signed! Can you believe it’s been that many years since it has been revised?!

  19. 20

    I agree we need to fight toxin, there are several chemicals that are in daily products that are harmful to the environment.

  20. 21

    I really love companies that are committed to keeping toxins out of my house and the environment! Kind of scary that these things aren’t regulated more.

  21. 22

    We use a lot of Seventh Generation in our household. Not only for our baby and kids, but household cleaners too!

  22. 23

    Imagine if over 80,000 toxins have not been tested, I wonder how many have?

  23. 24

    I need to detoxify our house. Just haven’t had the time but it is definitely important to me.

  24. 25

    we love Seventh Generation products. We’re super aware of the toxins we bring into the house with the kids and our pets.

  25. 26

    That’s awful that not all chemicals are tested to make sure they’re safe or not. No wonder there is so much sickness these days!

  26. 27

    Less toxins..happier moms!!!!!

  27. 28

    I have checked! I recently got to participate in the Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Healthy Home party and got a wonderful checklist and some great products to try!

  28. 29

    I’ve signed up! I can’t believe that this hasn’t been changed in all of this time!

  29. 30

    Yikes! That’s actually really alarming! I love Seventh Generation! Their baby wipes are awesome!

  30. 31

    love this brand especially their cleaners and diapers!

  31. 32

    I love these products because they are easy on my skin, and healthier for my family.

  32. 33

    Thank you for the post. We have been looking for more natural alternatives to things we need for our family.

  33. 34

    I love the Seventh Generation brand. It’s so important to use natural products, and keep those nasty chemicals away from our bodies.

  34. 35

    We love using Seventh Generation cleaning products. We are slowly switching over cleaning products to be greener ones!

  35. 36

    Wow, what interesting information. Thanks for educating!

  36. 37

    The awareness ads for this campaign are great. The outfits on the kids are the best! I use a lot of natural products for cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar are my tops

  37. 38

    I really need to pay bette attention to the cleaning supplies we use. Reading labels is a great habit to develop.

  38. 39

    I signed! I can hardly believe the chemicals around us these days. Let;s fight toxins!

  39. 40

    Whoa! That’s a lot of toxins! I need to better check some of the things I use around here.

  40. 41

    I like this initiative that they are taking. That’s a whole lot of toxins and chemicals that we usually have in our everyday cleaners. Seventh Generation makes great cleaners that are definitely safer for homes.

  41. 42

    That is REALLY scary!! I’ve been more and more cautious about the products that I use over the last few years. I try to lean more towards all natural, especailly with cleaning and personal hygiene products.

  42. 43

    Knowing first hand how devastating Alzheimer’s is, and knowing that there’s ways to help prevent it from happening, this gets my attention.

  43. 44

    I definitely have been looking to make the switch from harsh cleaners to more natural alternatives. This line is at the top of my list.

  44. 45

    That is an incredible number of toxins! They make a great product.

  45. 46

    Such a cute and important campaign! My son especially liked the underwear clad hero. I try to limit what my kids are exposed to, but there is so much even before birth.

  46. 47

    I love Seventh Generation products, such a great company! I love that they are spreading the word and giving us a chance to get involved too! Cool stuff!

  47. 48

    yes !!!!! I agree- too many chemicals, we need more companies like 7th generation!

  48. 49

    I love that these products are effective in fighting toxins in the home. That is a very good thing

  49. 50

    I think it is so crazy how many chemicals the average family just has floating around their house, my house included. This is a great campaign.

  50. 51

    I love Seventh Generation and we use them a lot. I worry about toxins in my house.

  51. 52

    Wow! I knew of all the toxins in the world, but not to this extent. I’m glad you are drawing awareness to this serious issue.

  52. 53

    That’s so scary. I try to be very careful what chemicals and toxins get near my children, but I should be more vigilant.

  53. 54
    Denise Gabbard

    I try to stay away from chemicals altogether…I need to check out these products.

  54. 55

    I signed the petition! I think it’s crazy that there are so many chemicals that haven’t even been tested that we come into contact with daily.

  55. 56

    I seriously had no idea that there were so many toxins in our everyday products. It’s really scary.

  56. 57

    I really appreciate seventh generations stand on toxins. We really do need more regulations on these companies and the awful things in their products.

  57. 58

    Really scary to think of all the toxins hiding out there. Great campaign to make us more aware!

  58. 59

    I always check my products, I try to use natural products as much as I can!

  59. 60

    Wow, I had no idea we are exposed to so many toxins even before being born. That’s so scary!

  60. 61

    I signed the petition already. I don’t actually see a link to the petition in your post though. Was there supposed to be?

  61. 62

    It used to be we just had to stay away from smoking…now its like EVERYTHING is trying to kill you!

  62. 63

    that’s a very sobering number. I don’t like that we’re exposed to that many chemicals before we’re even born.

  63. 64

    I signed the petition. While I still use some chemicals in the house, I still firmly believe that education and knowledge of what I’m using is power.

  64. 65

    WOW… yuk.. I’m such a germ-o-phobic anyways.. I love the Seventh Generation products and couldn’t imagine raising my kids without them… makes me feel cleaner and help the environment as well.. Thanks for sharing, now I gotta wash my hands again after reading all this… Yikes

  65. 66

    I love this brand!I I signed up , everyone should always check the labels they use within the house. Some brands are so toxic

  66. 67

    I had no idea that babies are exposed to so many toxins before they are even born. Great info, thanks.

  67. 68

    I love this toxin freedom fighter campaign that I have seen going around the internet. I hope we will be able to make the earth a better place for the upcoming generations to live. l

  68. 69

    I use Seventh Generation and other natural cleaners. They are great! I can’t stand the smell of stronger chemical cleaners anymore/

  69. 70

    I have been working really hard to get rid of all the toxins that I can. I love seventh generation

  70. 71

    I just love this campaign. Seventh Generation is definitely leading the charge on an important mission!

  71. 72

    I love that they are asking Congress to reevaluate the Toxic Substances Control Act! We use Seventh Generation or homemade cleaners here!

  72. 73

    I signed the petition! Scary to think that these toxic chemicals are around us daily!!! Wow

  73. 74

    I’ve become a lot smarter about checking labels since I attended an event where they educated us about all the toxins in these products.

  74. 75

    Oh wow! I need to go through my products and check the labels!

  75. 76

    I love Seventh Generation. I am trying to get as many toxins out of my house as possible.

  76. 77

    Gret cause! And everything said here is sadly true.

  77. 78

    It is really scary how many toxins are in the products we use and in the foods we eat. I’ve been trying to watch more for these so I can try to stay way from them.

  78. 79

    Seventh Generation has awesome products that we use everyday in our home! Thanks for sharing about this promotion!

  79. 80

    LOVE, love, love their products! They are all I use!

  80. 81

    Yikes! I reallly need to de-toxify my home. I have switched out many things but there are some more products that need to go!

  81. 82

    Thanks for the wake up call- yes it’s scary to know that our environment and our bodes can be so polluted with that many toxins.

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