This Is How I Fight My Battles

I have a post coming, soon, sharing my word(s) of the year. I’ve been mulling over what I wanted to write as my first blog post for 2023 and I thought my word of the year post would be the one to start off the year, but I just felt like it wasn’t quite right. Not that it is a bad post to start with, I mean it does fit with my self-growth for the year, but I just had a little nagging feeling there was something else I was supposed to share..I just didn’t know what, until today!

As I sat down to do my morning bible study (The Eden to Eternity study can be found here), I was reminded of the song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” and I thought “THAT is supposed to be my first post. When I say I have had battles the last few years, I mean I HAVE HAD BATTLES! Looking back, while yes I was hurt and broken, I am realizing I made it through and it was only by the grace of God I was able to keep going through some of the situations.  Before I continue…here’s a little reel I did on my Instagram and Facebook this morning:

I just felt like I needed to post this, having gone through all I did, to encourage those who came across this post. I totally depended on God during those days when it felt like I couldn’t make it through. Getting in his word and spending time in God’s presence is the only way I know how to fight my battles. And, in total transparency, there were times I didn’t want to…because I was angry. Yes, you read that right…I was angry with God. I never stopped loving him, but I was angry. When my mom died, when the words someone said to me broke my spirit, when I was betrayed by people I called friends..I couldn’t understand (and probably never will). But looking back, what I notice is the days I did allow myself to push through the anger and hurt and blaming God (isn’t it awesome he allows us to come to Him so raw, and loves us no less in those moments) and get in the word and spend time with him…healed me a little bit at a time.

Now that being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t have days I am inconsolable when I miss my mom or cry on days the wounding words make their way into my thoughts, but it does mean I can overcome the grief, the hurt, the feelings of anger over betrayl…you get my drift. It means I can fight through them! When my anxiety tries to overtake me…I can battle my way through it standing on the promises of God. When my thoughts try to tell me I’m not good enough…I can fight back by standing on God’s reminder that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made. When I am feeling defeated because my business isn’t where I want it to be, I can battle those thoughts by reminding myself that I am blessed and highlight favored.

By staying in His word…that is when I am able to stand on his promises NO MATTER what the enemy tries to tear me down with through my mind, my emotions, or even other people. When I am not pressing into Him and spending time in His word…I am not equipped. So, friends, today I want to encourage you that if you are struggling or going through a hard moment or season, get in his word. Get plugged into God. Get connected with believers who can pray with you and for you (I will be that, just send me an email or message through my Instagram or Facebook). Because the more time you spend with God, the more equipped you (and I) will be to fight our battles and stay joyful!

Sending you all the love as we go into 2023! Praying for each of you! XOXO, Toni

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