The Story of The Bible Is New Everyday For Me

The Story CD I’ve been saved since I was 14, I grew up going to church before that even. I have always know the stories of the Bible, though story doesn’t seem right to say. I would like to rephrase and say the truths and accounts in the bible. When some think of a story they think of a made up fairy tale and for me that is not what the Bible is. The Bible is fact, an account of so many amazing people and a Saviour who gave His life for me so when I leave this earth I can spend eternity with him.

That being said I never fully appreciated the “stories” the Bible had to offer until much longer after I was saved. I believed what I read, after all why would I commit my life Christ if I didn’t, but I didn’t grasp the depth of what I was reading. As I aged and continued to read I was amazed. The story of Ruth, the woman Esther was, Moses’ life, everything I read I get something new out of. Until now it has all been physically read by my eyes, now I had a chance to listen to some of these accounts through The Story CD.

I turned this CD on to listen to these accounts from creation to the second coming, from Adam to Mary and immediately grew still. Creation, the first song on the cd, had no words but the compilation of music moved me to tears. By the time I got to “How Love Wins” I could barely breathe I was so touched. The songs on this cd, are taken from the accounts I read in the bible every day, yet they brought the stories to life in a different way. As I made it to Alive, sung by Natalie Grant, I knew that’s what I felt as I grew and understood the stories over the year. As I took them for more than just words written on a paper but truth, I felt alive!

That’s what I hope I am teaching my children, the stories of the Bible are not stories like they read, they are truths, they are real accounts.  The words of the Bible are not just there for fun, they are words to live by and they are answers when life brings situations that aren’t fair.  Was it fair for Daniel to go into the lion’s den because he would not give up his faith, no but God brought him out.  Chances are my kids aren’t going to physically go into a lions den but sometimes life situations can feel like that and what better to teach them than these stories of truth, that they will make it through whatever they are facing.

I will be playing The Story CD often in my house because my kids will love it, and I love that a story can be put to music.  A little bit more about The Story:

THE STORY is an unparalleled project from the best-known artists in Christian music. The songs on THE STORY take timeless biblical stories and provide a completely new context into how God’s story of love and redemption intersects with our story of brokenness and failures resulting in a new story of hope and rescue. The CD contains 18 all-new songs written by multiple Dove Award-Winners Nichole Nordeman & Bernie Herms, produced by Brown Bannister & Bernie Herms, and a stellar line-up of artists across all major labels. (Music Inspired By) THE STORY is based on a collaboration with authors Randy Frazee (The Heart Of The Story) & Max Lucado (God’s Story Your Story) as well as Zondervan’s bible The Story.

Get a little more look inside the story behind The Story:

It’s a great cd and I highly suggest picking it up. It tells THE STORY in a whole new way! You can find it on amazon and iTunes. A great gift idea this holiday season as well. Share The Story with yourself and those you love.

What’s your story?  When did you first learn about the Bible?

Disclosure: This post made possible by EMI Music, who provided me with a sample product to facilitate this post. Although opinions, stated, are always my own and never wavered by products received, I have been compensated for my participation. If you purchase through the Natalie Grant link, please note I am an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage.

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    I grew up hearing bible stories in Sunday School and VBS but it wasn’t until I was saved that I finally understood them. It’s just as Jesus promised, He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and open our eyes.