The Perfect Sweet Tea

It’s spring time here in Florida, though to be honest we kind of went straight from spring to spring.  Our fall/winter wasn’t much of a season this year.  No matter, I love spring and summer!  Aside from the jump in electricity bill spring/summer are my favorite seasons.  I was raised in the south, near a beach where I spent 90% of my time (outside of school/work)  at.   This season is time for cooking out and of course sweet tea.  If you live in the south and don’t have a pitcher of sweet tea in your fridge 99% of the time we need to have a little talk.  It’s pretty much a right of passage to know how to make perfect sweet tea if you are in the south!

Today I want to share with you how I make sweet tea so you can add that much-needed, tasty, decoration to your fridge.  When I say we drink sweet tea all the time I am not lying.  I drink it when I get up, I drink it with my meals, I drink it all day.  Of course it means a lot more brushing of my teeth but I will take the extra work for that delicious drink in the south.  So here is how I make sweet tea:

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The Perfect Sweet Tea

Perfect for year round
Author Toni


  • 2 Lipton Family Size Tea Bags or generic equivalent (we use decaf)
  • 1.5 cups sugar


  1. Add teabags into a 2 qt pot and fill with cold water
  2. Put pot on stovetop and turn to high, cook just until boiling, remove from heat.
  3. Let sit 5 minutes
  4. Pour sugar into 1 gallon tea pitcher
  5. Add tea to sugar (not tea bags), stir until sugar is dissolved
  6. Fill with cold water until almost to the top, stir.
  7. Serve in a glass full of ice

Recipe Notes

Add an extra tea bag if this one is too sweet for you.
Add flavors (lemon, peach, raspberry) for a little extra something.

So there you have it, the perfect sweet tea…according to me.  Well and my family, I always get complimented on it when someone has a glass.  Be careful not to forget it when boiling or you risk busting your tea bag and it’s not fun to have those little pieces of tea in your drink.  Oh and you need to use real sugar, none of that fake stuff!  One other little tip, if you need to make a gallon of unsweet (gasp) make sure you make sugar-water to sweeten it, the fake stuff just doesn’t work right.   Being raised in the south you have to perfect your sweet tea so perfect I have!  Enjoy!

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Hi! I'm Toni. I am a happily married, christian, momma of 3 living on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast. I am a lifestyle blogger and Seint Arist. I started blogging when my last child was born as a way to share my love of all things travel, cooking, beauty, recipes, and more. Now pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea and let's get to know each other. I truly hope you enjoy getting A Daily Dose of Toni!


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    I will have to try this! Thanks, Toni!

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    I love me some Sweet Tea. We make our a little sweeter. My dad likes it almost as a syrup! lol Good ole south!

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    April Decheine

    This sounds great! Thank you!

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    5 stars
    I LOVE sweet tea… hello I live in Florida, lol. I usually buy mine at Publix but I’ll have to try this to save money

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    Yum, love sweet tea.

  6. 6

    Basic, yet yummy.

  7. 7

    I know it’s super popular down here, but I’ve never tried it. Don’t hit me!

  8. 8

    I live in Vegas so sweet tea isn’t a usual thing, but my husband loves it and I’d love to surprise him by making some!

  9. 9

    This sounds yummy!

  10. 10

    My husband drinks sweet tea all of the time. I don’t like it.

  11. 11

    5 stars
    I always feel like a freak, but I live in the South, and I’ve never liked sweet tea. I do love hot tea, though. 🙂

  12. 12

    Yumm – I need to make some sweet tea!

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    I LOVE sweet tea! I’m definitely going to have to give this a try!

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    4 stars
    I just love sweet tea!

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    i will have to try this recipe

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    I love drinking sweet tea from time to time. 🙂

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    5 stars
    I love tea, thanks!

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    I love some sweet tea! Perfect for this type of weather.

  19. 19

    I think every southern girl has their own sweet tea recipe! We also drink a lot of sweet tea around this house!