The Journey to a Perfect Smile with Fishbein Orthodontics Begins

I have amazing children. They are great kids, but like all children, my oldest struggled with self-esteem issues. He never really liked his smile because his teeth weren’t straight like he would like them. We have recently partnered with Fishbein Orthodontics to get my oldest dudes teeth straight using Invisalign.

The cool thing about the Invisalign process is they start by taking a 3D image of the mouth and then they build the trays that will do all the work. Because it is a 3D imaging based on your teeth, if you have any tooth work like crows, fillings, bridges you will want to make sure that is all done before you do the scan as any procedures that can add anything to your teeth may make the trays not fit correctly.

The scan is super painless (or so it seemed from moms point of view).  After the scan it will be a few weeks, then you’ll go in and get the Invisalign started. For the first visit at Fishbein Orthodontics, we received 30 trays and 2 cases. At the visit, they applied glue to some of his teeth, which makes it look like he has the clear braces on when you are up close. The glue helps to keep the tray in place.

Oldest dude will change out his trays every two weeks. With Invisalign, it’s important to keep them in as much as possible, so they will do the work they need to do. While wearing the Invisalign, you can only drink water, and when you take them out to eat, you will want to brush your teeth and the Invisalign tray before putting it back in.

It’s been an adjustment for my son because he tends to like to snack all day. He has to take full advantage of those 30 minutes for each meal. So, far he said they haven’t hurt like you would expect them too. The only time it bothers him, is when he is taking them out. He said sometimes it is a little bit painful removing the tray from the glue on his teeth.

Here is a photo of his teeth the first day he had the trays on. Each month we will update you on his progress (the future posts won’t be quite this long) and show you how his teeth have changed from the previous month. He is scheduled to wear them for 18 months, and we can’t wait to see the outcome.

If you are looking for a great Orthodontic provider on the Gulf Coast be sure to check out Fishbein Orthodontics! We always feel super welcome and important each time we go. There’s a reason they were voted Best Orthodontists in Best of the Bay local awards!

Be sure to check back every three months so you can see what progress has been made, we are excited to see the outcome and share our Invisalign and Fishbein Orthodontics adventure with you all!

Have you ever done the Invisalign Treatment with Fishbein Orthodontics?

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