Televisions in childrens room: Lazy parents? Lazy Child? I think not!

Why do people think that children should not have t.v. in their room? I guess that people automatically assume when they have a t.v. in their room they just sit and watch t.v. all the time or the parent is too lazy to interact.

*scratching head*
Hmm, my kids and I obviously missed out on that bullentin. I find it amusing that a t.v. in a childs room = lazy child or lazy parent. Well, my kids who spend 90% of the daylight hours either outside, at the mall playplace, or at the gym with me I can say one thing they are not is lazy.

In fact my oldest (who has had a t.v. in his room since he was 18 months) you can rarely get to sit down to eat a meal and he is involved in every sport out there (football, soccer, baseball, basketball) and has been since he was 3 years old! My middle and youngest have something I like to call natural energy boosts ,a.k.a let’s give mommy a heart attack from running after us all day, getting them to sit down to watch a t.v. show is actually comical. Yes all my kids at some point will find a show/movie of interest and watch it but most of the time it is in the evening right before bed when dh and I are watching The Ultimate Fighter or The Mole so this is precisely the reason we have a t.v. in the kids room.

That moment, when all at the same time we have something coming on, it’s nice to have the option to all be able to watch what we want. Television is a treat for my kids as well as my husband and I, so who am I to deny any of us the right to watch the show we want. I mean after a long hard day do I not deserve or does my husband not deserve to sit and watch the show we have been waiting for all day, which happens to be coming on during Spongebob or Corey’s In the House? So it’s either we forfeit our show when we want a moment to put our feet up and relax or the kids who have been playing all day and are tired and want a bit of downtime before bed (as do mommy and daddy) just get jipped all the time?

All in all I don’t think there is one thing wrong with having a t.v. in a childs room, it doesn’t mean the parent is lazy, it doesn’t mean the parent is letting the t.v. babysit the child (yes there are some that do), it doesn’t mean the child is not being paid attention to or always has to entertain themselves. It (most of the time) means that it is there for the option of when a child wants some down time from playing with friends or outside and the parent wants to watch t.v. that they can both have the chance to enjoy a little reward.

Just a litty FYI!

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    My son has had a tv in his room since he was about one. I don’t mind it. He spends most of his time outside, but he does like to play his ps2 alot. Mel is really active though. High metabolism, wanna be outside all the time, have to drag him in…

    I think it just depends on the child.

  2. 2

    I totally agree with you. It does depend on the child, if you have a child that wants to do nothing but watch t.v. then yes I think in that instance t.v in room may not be best.