Teen Turns Younger Brother into Pennywise from IT (and it’s terrifying me)

In just a few days, audiences will be cowering in their seats as they watch the world’s scariest clown, Pennywise, hit the big screen in a remake of the 1990 film. I can’t even begin to say how crazy I must be to head to theaters on Thursday with my oldest son to see “IT”. I’ll be the one covering my ears and closing my eyes, yes I will very likely pay to sit in a dark theater with my eyes closed. The original movie is what made me hate clowns, to this day, and yet here I am thinking I am going to go sit through what I am sure will be a much more terrifying movie. I can barely even make it through the trailer without turning it off (oh the things we do for our children).

However, one teen (who I assume is a fan of the movie, or maybe just clowns) has impressed the socks off of me with his Pennywise creation. Instagrammer @eag2n has taken his little brother and turned him into the traumatically terrifying clown. So, I just had to share with you all, because I know I have to have some IT fans who read my blog! Check out the fun he has had turning his younger brother into Pennywise (there are several photos so be sure to click the arrows to scroll through).

First up we have the old school Pennywise:


Full pictures on Facebook! #it #itbook #Itmovie #pennywise #pennywisethedancingclown #pennywisecosplay

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Next up the new and even  more scary Pennywise:


I got bored ????? #Itmovie #pennywise #pennywisethedancingclown #?

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Holy crow, not only is eag2n amazing with his photography, check out his makeup work on his younger brother. And I love (and am slightly unnerved by) the fact his little brother is such a willing participant. I can tell you right now, had I dressed any of my kids up like that, the minute they looked in a mirror they would have run screaming, and very likely never looked in a mirror again. Props to this talented teen. I see a bright future ahead of him! And I bet his brother will have some killer Halloween costume!!!

So, are you going to see IT when it opens this weekend?

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    Those Instagram pics are awesome. Very creative!
    I like scary movies so I’ll probably watch this one. I didn’t care for the first movie (in 1990) so I’m hoping this IT is better.