HTC Windows Phone 8x Final Thoughts #VZWA

I am getting ready to test out a new device with Verizon and while I wait for it to come, I wanted to wrap up my thoughts on the HTC Windows Phone 8x. There were both things I loved (which I featured) and things I think need to be worked on. Things I loved about the Windows phone: Ad free Pandora through 2013 Live tiles, stay updated in real time Being able to connect to our xbox live Read More »»

Let’s Talk Beats Audio™ #VZWA {Technology}

I am finding more and more things I really like about the  HTC Windows Phone 8x.  Today we are talking all about the sound...or the beat rather.  A little background on yours truly here, music is a big part of my life and I was in dance for 15 years when growing up.  To say I love music is an is a part of who I am.  I may not be able to sing, but I can dance and that means Read More »»

HTC Windows Phone Apps #VZWA

That's my pretty in pink live tiles on my HTC Windows Phone 8x .    If you note in the top right area there is a little shopping bag icon.  That is where the magic happens, in other words where I can download the apps I want/need to add to my Windows Phone.  Today I wanted, very simply, to share with you some of the favorites I've had on this phone. Here are my favorite apps (in order left to Read More »»

Protect Your Phone With Otterbox #VZWA

Something that is a must when you have a nice phone and kids who sometimes can get a little more wild than they realize is a good case. I've had the HTC Windows Phone 8x for a little over two months and I've had peace of mind when I hand it over to my kids. They can jump over to Kid's Corner and have a blast without me worrying about the phone being damaged. Smartphones are not cheap and in the Read More »»

Kid’s Corner On The HTC Windows Phone 8x #VZWA

I previously announced my next leg in the VZWA programa and my kids have been pretty busy putting one feature to great use. That feature is "Kid's Corner". Kid's Corner is a way for kids to have fun on my phone without, yours truly here, having to worry about them messing with my settings or accidentally deleting an app. I have to admit there have been quite a few times when they have been on Read More »»

HTC Windows Phone 8x, Verizon Wireless Ambassador Round 2 #VZWA

I am thrilled to announce that I am joining in another round with the VZWA program. For the next 3 months I will be testing out a device and sharing my thoughts on it with you. What device do I get to get my hands on?? Glad you asked... The HTC Windows 8x phone will be my new toy for the next 3 months. From this short little glimpse at it I am hoping I will have many positive things to say Read More »»