Who Am I and Why Am I Thankful?

I am a mom, wife and daughter I am ashamed and I am proud I am a friend and companion I am someone who listens and someone who talks I am someone who cries and someone who laughs I want to be loved and I want to give love I want to have friends who are trustworthy and friends who trust me I Read More »»

Thankful Thursday

What am I thankful for.....I am thankful for my family. God Truly has blessed me with a wonderful family. After my trip to Florida I will do another one of these because I have so much family there that I could not survive without (my mom, siblings, dad, etc). Family is such a blessing and it Read More »»

What the????? and Thankful Thursday..

Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! So today reality hit me and well bluntly speaking, I am a disgusting piece of poo! I have let my cute little body go from toned and dainty to dun lapped (over my pants) and love handle hell. I have helped it along quite nicely with every little Debbie white cake I have eaten Read More »»

Thankful Thursday

I decided I liked my what I am annoyed about contradicted with what I am thankful for post last week so I am doing another one this week. So here we go:I get annoyed at bloggers that only blog to get better numbers and yet thankful for them because well frankly I have lots of chances to win Read More »»

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