Using Evernote For Blog Planning & Organization

I have found the best blog planning and organizational tool so far. No, it's not a planner (I know this shocks you with my love for planners), no it's not pen and paper, it's not even a calendar (though I will still use that). This little tool I am talking about is EverNote. I have actually had this Read More »»

So True, So True

*Snicker*

Remember When These Were Cool Get and Give

Remember when you first started blogging and you just had to try to get on all the lists and make it to the top?  You almost cried when you had someone notice your blog and gave you a much coveted AWARD.   It was like winning an Oscar "They Like Me, They Really Like Me" (or maybe they just want a Read More »»

Proud To Be An American, Where At Least I Know I’m Free…Except Maybe I’m Not So Free?

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. Read More »»

Twitter Has A New Look

Facebook gets the new timeline, now Twitter has a new look.  Lot of fresh new looks going around the social media places.  Here are a few more shots of different areas.  Up there is the main screen when you log in.   On the right is the stream, on the left if the popular topics along with your Read More »»

Is Klout Predicting My Future???

Klout is a killer of esteem in the social media world with it's crazy up and down, topics that don't really fit, it's easy to get frustrated with klout. I've come to the conclusion Klout is predicting my future because it has me influential in.... SWITZERLAND and BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pretty Read More »»

Going Viral…An Infographic

I know all that going viral talk is something I try to comprehend but never really understood. Read More »»

Click It To Gift It, A Simple Way To Gift Shop

When shopping for the holiday season some don't want to fight the crowd in the stores. Others don't want to truck down to a restaurant to pick up a gift card when they could do it from their own home. A great idea that is simple and rewarding this holiday season is Click It To Gift It. Read More »»

The Life of This “Mama Bear”, Protecting My “Cubs” Is My Job #ArcticHome

Those 3 faces are my life. I would do anything to help them, protect them, become better, provide for them. It's one of the job requirements that came when I had the priviledge of becoming a "Mama Bear" to 3 blessings. Being a mama bear means standing up for my kids when they can't and there are Read More »»

New Facebook Profile Coming Soon!

Just in case you haven't seen what it will look like yet...coming VERY SOON to everyone I hear. Here are a few screen shots of the new profile layout: Read More »»

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