Camping At Sumner Lake, New Mexico

Moving from Florida to New Mexico, and not having the ocean right down the street is hard not easy to adjust to. A friend told us about Sumner Lake which is only 61 miles away from Clovis, New Mexico and worth the drive! We decided to hop in the truck this past Saturday and go camping for the night. We loaded up the Dodge Ram and were on our way to find some water! The drive to Sumner Lake only Read More »»

My Kia, My Summer: The Perfect Summer Playlist

A few months ago I had the chance to check out a Kia Rio and Kia Optima and fell in love with both.  They are definitely cars that have been added to my consider this for my kids when they start driving (the rio because it's a bit small for my family of five) or for myself (the Optima because it fit us all comfortably) list.  I loved the Kia's I had a chance to drive for a few weeks, definitely Read More »»