MONSUNO: DESTINY Coming To DVD January 8, 2013! {Entertainment}

MONSUNO: DESTINY hits shelves in just a few days! This is the first DVD release from the MONSUNO collection. My boys have been MONSUNO fans since seeing the show on Nicktoons, so when we received the DVD they were thrilled. It has all the elements my boys love....action, animals, and heroes racing Read More »»

Meet Saige, The American Girl 2013 Girl of the Year®

My daughter has a new best friend in the house, who has rarely left her side since meeting her Christmas Eve! Meet Saige Copeland, the American Girl 2013 Girl of the Year®! Isn't she just beautiful! We love her auburn hair, stunning turquoise eyes (with a ring to match), and the freckles just Read More »»

HTC Windows Phone 8x, Verizon Wireless Ambassador Round 2 #VZWA

I am thrilled to announce that I am joining in another round with the VZWA program. For the next 3 months I will be testing out a device and sharing my thoughts on it with you. What device do I get to get my hands on?? Glad you asked... The HTC Windows 8x phone will be my new toy for the next 3 Read More »»

Origami Owl Tagged Collection {Gift Guide 2012}

Looking for a fun custom gift that can be worn this Christmas (or for any gift giving holiday) be sure to check out Origami Owl! When I hear the name Origami Owl, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun, personalized lockets you can wear.  I've eyed those lockets for quite sometime and was Read More »»

G.H. Cretors Popped Corn Review, Give A Tasty Gift {Gift Guide 2012}

Give the gift of G.H. Cretors popped corn this holiday season! My family loves to eat and one of the things we love to bring out during the holiday season is the flavored popped corn. We received a box of G.H. Cretors popped corn to test out, there was no needing to be asked twice for this review. Read More »»

Gift A Little More Personal With MailPix {Gift Guide 2012}

If you are looking to do something a little more personal during the holidays check out for some great gift ideas! One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting to send Christmas cards to those I am close with and getting to give gifts to the ones I love. Heading to the store Read More »»

VTech InnoTab® 2S Review {Gift Guide 2012}

The VTech InnoTab® 2S is perfect for on the go fun! My kids, especially my daughter, are very into playing games. When I got my iPad I think she thought it was hers. Lucky for me, Mom Central, asked a few of us to try out the VTech InnoTab® S2. A great way for me to get my tablet back and let her Read More »»

Zagg Profolio+ Review: Perfect For The Techie On The Go {Gift Guide 2012}

Zagg Profolio+ is the perfect gift for the techie who is always on the go! It's no surprise I am always on the go. I may be around town or on a blog trip but one thing that remains is my want to be connected. For longer trips, I usually tote my MacBook Air, but when I am around town or going on a Read More »»

Cottonelle “Name It” Contest Results & Final Thoughts

A few weeks ago I had a fun giveaway, Cottonelle Care Routine, where readers got to share their clean routine name ideas. Check out some of the hysterical and creative names, you, my readers came up with! Gentle Breeze, Wipes Away, Clean Cheeks Clean Queen, Potty Paper, Butt Really, Happy Read More »»

Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberries Review & Giveaway {Gift Guide 2012}

Chocolate Covered Strawberries this holiday season...yes, please!!! During the holiday season we are, at some point,  heading to a friends home who is playing hostess.  It's always nice to take a little something, a thanks if you will, to give to the hostess of the party.   A great (and yummy) Read More »»

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