Blogtiquette Lesson: Thou Shalt Grow UP

Hey everyone, it's yours truly Teacher Toni, with this installment of your Blogtiquette Lesson. All in good fun of course, I get bored easily so I thought it's time for a life blog lesson. Growing up is hard to do but sometimes when that man or woman reaches late 20's early 30's I feel like some revert back to childhood and brattiness so let's not. Let's all grow up and BE NICE quit making fun Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, is it really that hard to give?

So what are your thoughts? Can people be mature enough and agree to disagree or does it always have to return to bashing and sides? I have noticed the lack of attacks lately in the blog world and have loved the civility we have all had even if we don't all necessarily agree or some may not like each other but this whole situation has seemed to push us back a step and I For one am not okay with Read More »»