New Year’s Resolutions Have Gone to the Dogs, Literally.

With 2016 finally here, I've already been planning about how to make this new year the healthiest one yet. Although there are numerous ways I could improve myself and my health, what if I could also get my family involved including my furry family members, too? Milk-Bone (the makers of my pup's favorite dog treats) recently conducted an original survey of 3,000 pet parents nationwide to find out Read More »»

Treat Your Pets To Purina Snacks This Christmas

Our dogs love to spend time with us and of course play. Whether they are getting a bit too rowdy in the family room, or playing tug-of-war with each other in the kitchen, they always bring a smile to our faces. Especially during the holidays when we get to have our very own, Dexter Claus and Guido Elf. Their adorable little Christmas attire help us to get even more in the Christmas spirit than we Read More »»

My Family Is At Risk, My Dogs Are Stuck Inside, and The City Doesn’t Care

It's not like me to write a overly negative post but I am to a point where I have to do something because my family and my dogs safety and freedom is being compromised.  We have been dealing with dog attacks by our neighbors dogs in OUR fenced backyard.  So today I am posting a timeline of the the happenings since March 5, 2012 to show you what we have been going through with those dog attacks.   Read More »»

#HolidayRoads To Navarre, FL With My Human Family (Dexter’s story)

Hello all you readers our there.  *ruff*  I have hijacked my moms blog for today *arf* she is spending time with her mom for a bit because it's my grandma's (her mom)birthday today.  So since she is away from the computer I decided to tell you my travel tale.  You see I found my human family back in March, though they may claim they found me something humans like to do is take credit so I Read More »»