The Most Important Things For A New Mom To Buy Her Baby

You know what they never tell you about being a new mom? Just how much money having a baby is going to cost you! Sure, everyone will tell you that you’re going to lose sleep and listen to a lot of crying, but people never seem to remember to mention just how much money a baby costs. The expense Read More »»

5 Must Ask Questions Regarding POS Systems

With so much information from different sources concerning point of sale systems, it is easy for anyone to get confused. It is possible to do your homework and end up with the right point of sale system vendor or you might end up making a bad choice and regret later on. The above is why you do not Read More »»

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

The look of wood is undeniably a beautiful addition to any home and any room. However, hardwood floor is not always the best option for rooms where moisture or water is present. Whether your kitchen is more modern in design or contemporary in design, the addition of hardwood flooring can truly make Read More »»

Do You Have Credit Card Discipline Or Are You A Reckless Spender?

To use a credit card and not rack up huge bills, unnecessary interest or land yourself in debt, you need to know how to use it responsibly. Those who get a creditcard for the very first time, such as students fresh out of college, can easily find themselves slipping into bad spending habits. Even a Read More »»

Getting Around A New Town

It's an easy thing to figure out how you are going to better your home, but what about making life a little easier outside of the home. That can be especially tricky if when  you’re new in town.  Do you know how to find the services you need when you need them? I’m Outside but my Keys are Read More »»

Magical Holidays In Mexico

Dreaming of a sun drenched family holiday somewhere a little different from the norm? Maybe you’ve done Europe and are intrigued to explore faraway shores or maybe you just fancy a change, a holiday to Mexico will delight the whole family with its super stylish hotels overlooking crystal clear Read More »»

A Fresh Telling Of An Old Tale

Whenever you want a great story, you can’t go too far wrong by revisiting one of the classic fairy tales. That’s exactly what director Bryan Singer has done with his latest film, Jack the Giant Slayer As you might have guessed, the plot is loosely based on the fairy tale Jack and the Giant Read More »»

Being Frugal When Buying Clothes

The average U.S. consumer spends $173 a month on clothes, shoes and other apparel, according to, which tracks consumer spending. But if you're on a tight budget, spending that much money on just the basics can be a big problem. If you have children, then spending money on clothing is Read More »»

Five Things I’ve Learned Managing Family Finances

This is a partnered post. That was the trip we went on in September, a big surprise to our kids, but in order to make that happen I had to plan meticulously with our finances. During the planning I learned from mistakes and good financial decisions alike. Today I just want to take a moment to share Read More »»

Staying In Las Vegas Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

This is a partnered guest post. Sometimes its seem impossible to find a nice hotel at an affordable price, especially in vacation destinations like Las Vegas.   You may see a hotel that is a five-star suite style hotel and automatically rule it out. That shouldn't be the case, because shopping Read More »»

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