Oh Yes I Did..

Post this on my facebook.... So What??  We all have differing views.  I don't dislike Obama, I just don't like his policies and this HCR is going to end up badly in my personal opinion. But that is all I will say about that.  I am getting lots of responses on the picture of course LOL, quite fun to keep up with but man I get worn our just reading them LOL.  So if you want to join in the Read More »»

OH MY STARS, it’s in my reach! The Nobel Prize That Is

Dear Nobel Prize Committee: I am so excited since I realized that I am now officially in the running to become a nominee. This is a great day in history for me. You see I want to put a stop to war, to get rid of all the nuclear weapons out there, I want to make sure everyone has a home and the world can live peacefully together. Oh yes I do, my intentions are great and I will make a promise to Read More »»

Tuesday’s Tidbits: Obama’s School Speech

Today Obama is addressing schools nationwide and while I read the message and there is not political points made in it, I am still not sure I would be okay with it being shown to my elementary school children without my permission. Here are my thoughts on my children's school decision on how to handle the speech. So is your child's school showing the speech? Did you know before hand? Read More »»